Essay About 5 Career Suggestions For Persons Unemployed And Over 50

The corporate shift to a younger workforce is the trend these days. If you’re unemployed and over 50, you probably feel suspended between Logan’s Run and Soylent Green. But don’t lose hope of finding a job. As the saying goes, “life moves on,” and you certainly should too.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s time for a career change. You know what it takes to operate a business. Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur? Listed below are five career ideas for your consideration:

1) Write A Memoir

Having lived over half of a century, more than likely, you have tons of insights and experiences swirling inside you. Why not share them in a memoir? Perhaps someone will pay for the film rights to your book. However, they cannot do so unless you write the book.

2) Become A Consultant

With decades of work experience in several industries, you have a goldmine of knowledge as an insider. In fact, you’re a living, walking, and breathing expert. Why not become a consultant? There are lots of books, workshops, and seminars available to assist your endeavor.

3) Become A Baker

You may have a family recipe for a chocolate cake, jelly cake, or apple pie that’s worth a mint. Why not become a baker? You can sell slices of the baked goods at the local community marketplace. In addition to securing orders for cakes and pies there. Who knows – you might end up supplying desserts to some catering companies.

It’s a proven fact that during economic downturns, people tend to eat more. Incidentally, the ingredients for Aunt Sally’s baked goods should remain a family secret.

4) Become A Fashion Designer

You’ve probably heard the mumbling and sighing among your pals lately. Due to the unappealing, unflattering, and unreasonably priced clothing offered to them.

Once upon a time, you designed and sewed your clothing. Why not launch a clothing line for mature women?

You can showcase the apparel at local venues. Perhaps a well-known clothing brand may contact you and make an incredible offer.

5) Reboot Your Art Career

You set aside your passion for art many years ago. Realizing your growing family required a steady paycheck. Now all of your children have left the nest. Why not reboot your art career?

In case you didn’t know, there are many websites available where you can sell your artwork, i.e. graphics, photographs, and fine art prints as an independent contractor.

As you take steps towards finding new employment or a new career, continue to boost yourself with faith, determination, and courage.

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