A Music Degree: The Beat to Your Own Drum

The Wonderful Sound of Being Music Major

Obviously, someone with a degree in music would have a performing career and/or teaching music. That’s just a couple options this degree has to offer. In fact, a music degree can range from performing to non-performing careers and jobs that you have never knew. As a music major, your practicing hours will be long, you will be learn about international music traditions, perform a senior solo recitals, have rehearsals regularly, and most importantly have the love and appreciation for music. You do not have to know that difference between a clef and a coda to have a job involving music. A passion for music something that you must have for the chosen occupation.

There are three places where you can be a music major: large universities, small, private liberal arts college with great performing arts program and small conservatories. However, these institutions of higher learning do have their differences. Large universities have more of a balance that college life. You would get to enjoy dorms, football games, Greek fraternities and sororities, extracurricular activities, general education courses, etc. Meanwhile, conservatories are small level, arts-focused institutions where everyone in the student body is either music or drama major. You would be take some foreign language course since about most music are in Italian and/or courses about the music business. However, you might have some housing issues and there are no Greek life nor football games. By the way you reach your senior, you might have to put on a recital.

As a music major, there are three degrees that are offered to you. A BA (Bachelor of Arts) could include a concentration in music. BM (Bachelor of Music) is mostly offered in conservatories, more depth into music and has more courses that are in music theory, music history, and performance. A BS (Bachelor of Science) would on depend on what institute of higher learning that you would attend. You might take courses in music technology and/or courses that is not relate to music at all.

The Sound of Careers

Behind the Scenes: Arranger, artist, builder, composer, conductor, designer, director, engineer, engraver, producer, orchestrator, owner, piano tuner, publishing, supervisor, technician, transcriber

Business: Administration, assistant, contactor, curator, demonstrator, entrepreneur, event planner, marketing, management, merchandising, sales representative, sponsor

Entertainment: Accompanist, artist, deejay/DJ, ensemble, musician, organist, pianist, performer, singer

Education: Curator, demonstrator, historian, lecturer, librarian, instructor, musicologist, professor, research, teacher, tutor, vocal coach

Law: Attorney, lawyer

Medicine: clinician, therapist

Media: App development, blogger, booking, copywriter, critic fundraiser, journalist, librarian, lyricist, marketer, promoter, publicist, public relations, publishing, radio, strategist, voice over, writer

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