A Philosophy Degree: What Does It All Mean?

The Meaning of a Philiosopy Degree

The word philosophy is defined as “the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.” What the following quote means is that philosophy is basically about the addressing life’s questions. This subject is taught academically through high school to college/university. As a philosophy major, you will be taught how to think clearly, critically and logically. Not all of the world’s issues are as clear as black and white. After you graduate, you will have job skills that will be stand out to future employers among various job fields. Philosophy majors are known to do exceptionally well on post graduate entrance exams such as the GMAT, LSAT and the MCAT. Believe it or not, Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, and Martin Luther King, Jr are few of the most famous philosophy graduates. Writing clearly and with persuasion is very essential. Especially if you going for a legal career. The many world views you learn will help you think new ways that you never thought of. Being aware of political views is very important if you going for a career in government. Most parents would ask, “What are you going to do with a philosophy degree?” They also would say, “It would not pay the bills,” They don’t know that! Your parents never walked a day in your shoes. Just calmly explain to parents and other doubters about the many careers that are available to you. Always keep in open mind no matter obstacles are in your way. Non-academic options are available to with this kind of degree than you think. The list below has information of the occupations that your can find with you philosophy degree. Don’t forget do your research before you pick a career of your choice in general.

Careers and Jobs With Meaning

Business: Accountant, advisor, banker, broker, consulting, entrepueneur, human resources, insurance, marketing, management, reasearcher, sales, self-employment

Education: Archivist, consulting, librarian, professor, researcher, teacher

Government: Analysis, attorney, admistration, civil service, commissioner, diplomat, foreign service officer, lawyer, paralegal, police officer, policy maker, political scientist, researcher

Media: consulting, copywriter, editior, journalist, public relations director, publisher, TV producer, writer

Services: Clergy,counselor, fundraiser, non-profit work, psychotherapist, social worker

Science and Technology: computer systems analyst, engineering, hospice worker, hospital administration, nurse, programmer, researcher

The arts: Architect, a career in theater

Mr and Ms. Citizen of the World

Now that you have your philosophy degree, what are you going to next? Go to law school? Med school? Earning a Ph.D? A MBA? Anything is possible in this global economy that we live in. Just make should that your skill will make you employable. Don’t forget that you have an option to minor in something that you are interested in. This degree has the same strength as a business degree. It can be as very beneficial to you if pursue a post graduate degree. In college or not, do not stop learning. There are so many possibilities out there. No matter what career you choose, you have to voice your opinion, adapt to different situations, and research. You think, therefore you are. So go see what a major in philosophy has to offer.

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