Are Single Moms Discriminated Against?

Have you ever walked up to a group and suddenly everyone stops talking? As a single mom, this has happened to me numerous of times. At school events I have been shunned by married moms that didn’t include me in classroom party plans. The same has happened at sporting events. Some of the married moms will congregate in groups just as junior high school kids do. They don’t include me in the plans but they will quickly sign me up for clean up and money donations. The schools teach about the problems with bullies and these same moms would support not realizing they too are being bullies.

You’re Just Not What We Are Looking For

I’m very blessed to have been given my job opportunity years ago before I became a parent. My employer is and has been good to me and very understanding if and when I’ve needed time off concerning my children. But this doesn’t hold true for most employers. I’ve heard employers saying they would rather hire someone without children. I can understand the work concerns with excessive absences but just because a woman is a single mom doesn’t mean that she will have excessive absences. She is judged before she is even tried.

She Has Too Much Baggage

It doesn’t matter if she has a gorgeous face, body or both, if she has kids then she has baggage. For many men this is a major turn off. They won’t even bother to get to know her personality because they don’t want to become daddies to her babies. What these men don’t realize is that most single moms are independent, mature and sexual women. These moms are not looking for men to father their children but rather a companion for time away from them. Whereas many of the women that men do choose to date without children are actually thinking of their biological clocks and looking to settle down and reproduce.

My Taxes Are Supporting Her Kids

This is a touchy subject for me. I think one of the reasons single moms are discriminated against is because it is assumed that all single moms claim government assistance.This is a false assumption. Most single moms actually work full time jobs, pay taxes and support themselves independently. I do realize this does not hold true for all moms and I also get angry at those that abuse the system.

Stand Up For Your Rights

My advice to all single moms out there would be to know your rights and stand up for yourself. Be aggressive and state the reason you are the right person for the job whether it is employment or party planning at school. Don’t let judgmental people hold you back. Remember that single parenting is not a curse its a way of life.

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