Essay About Arrow Season 3 Episode 2: Sara -Review

I like this episode. It is interesting, moves the story along nicely after the shocker season opener. It is great to see Tommy again, even if it is in a flashback sequence. Which are a bit stale and not sensible this season. I feel for the family Ollie is staying with, but the whole situation is totally unbelievable, even by comic book standards, and seems like the writers were stretched a bit to come up with flashback stories after they got to the point where Ollie had done everything he could have on that island.

I buy Laurel getting all vengeance mode over her sister’s murder, but I don’t really buy her not telling her father about it, regardless of the reasoning. That’s a sub-story still going on that doesn’t make any sense. I do ache at her pain over Sara’s death, though. And Ollie’s, even though he does the strong silent bit over it for the sake of everyone else. Digs and Felicity’s pain over her hits home a lot, too, even though they both had a lot less to do with her than Ollie and Laurel. We get some nice action moments as Ollie chases the suspected murderer. And meet another archer from the comics, Komodo. I am really liking Ray Palmer, more and more each episode. And Roy, and Felicity, and pretty much everyone. The show is hitting it’s stride and giving us good stories with characters we have come to care about. Can’t really ask for more from any show.

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