From Mine to Yours

I’d like to send to you all the well wishes and happy memories I can .

This is a short reminder that I’ll not stay gone for so long again. At least I hope not .

I know for some, the year has brought sorrow, joy, pain, strife, emotional as well as financial burdens. This goes without saying. My family has gone through the ups and downs right along with you. I know how it is, and I know it will get better. It may take a little longer then expected, but it will happen. I’m not going to give a lecture on ‘keeping a tiff upper lip’. I hate those. But what I can do is possibly put a smile on your face with this . . .

I know, I know, it’s been a while, but maybe you can find a little comfort in seeing this?

Have you ever noticed how animals seem to have the right idea? To simply enjoy what they have and not be complaining about what they don’t. We could all take a lesson from them .
Try to take a page from these Clydesdale’s and enjoy your family while you can, because as many are finding out through this terrible time, you never know when they’ll be gone.
I think you know who these guys are ?

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