Great Grandparents

Who are they?

Grandparents as we all know are the parents of our parents. So what is so special about them? The answer is everything. Everything is special about them. Their age, physique, mentality, and like that literally just everything. We never understand this speciality until we are in their situation, that is until we are someone’s grandparents.

The New Generation!

Most of the people, may it be teenagers, kids or even adults, nowadays consider grandparents as a burden in their house. That is the same reason why most of the countries have “house full old age homes”. We forget to realise their importance. We think they’re like mosquitoes buzzing in our ear about thier life when they were little kids. They sit at the house doing nothing but get diagnosed with all those diseases and make us spend our earnings. They are just an extra stomach to be fed in our house. That’s what most of us nowadays think. To erase that thought, it takes a lifetime.

Why are they Great?

They’re great because all those things that they “blabber” in the house are actually tips on living in this life. They have lived enough years than us to teach us about life. They know this world more than us. “Experience is the best teacher.” It may be a an age old saying but no one could ever rewrite it. They aren’t blabbering because they’re bored. They’re blabbering because they want us to live a life better than them. They want us not to get hurt. They want us not to get cheated. They want us not to get trapped in this world which is a rat trap waiting for us with baits. Just think, what would they gain telling all their experiences to us? Nothing. It is we who are benefited from it.

They warn us in everything that we do. They care for us every time which we feel as being over protective. Okay. Let’s accept that they’re over protective. Can’t they be like that? They have just few more years left. Can’t they live it loving their loved ones? You never know its value unless you lose it. What if no one is there to care for us? What if no one tell us to take umbrella when we’re going out? What if there is no one pressuring us to eat food in spite of our busy schedule? we will just be broken slowly. Grandparents are angels sent by God to look after us. If they can’t be protective, then who can!

What can we do?

Love them. That is all what they expect from us. All that they expect in the last days of their life is togetherness of their family. All that they want from us is a smile on our faces which could make them assure that we are happy. They never ask for a house to live alone or a beach side resort. They just want a happy home. Are we that cruel for not to give them such a small thing. Despite all the gold and land that we buy this is really such a small thing.

Old Age Homes

We excuse ourselves saying that staying in old age homes make them happier since they’re having friends of their same age to talk to. How can a family be replaced by friends? Family and friends are two different concepts. If they’re one then what is the need of two different terms? Family cannot be replaced by friends nor friends can be replaced by family. We need friends and family. Absence of any one of it can affect our life in a way that we cannot even imagine. The love of one’s own family cannot be replaced by another. Family love cannot be replaced by suit rooms or maids. It can be given by family only.


Grandparents are great. It will be a great loss to lose their love and care. They can never be replaced. The sooner we understand this the better our lives will be. Our future depend on how we treat our grandparents because our children are learning from us and their children from them. One day, if we don’t want to end up in a closed room with strangers for the rest of the days in our lives, love your grandparents. Aging is a natural process that everyone will go through. Care if you want to be cared.

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