Had A Baby? Tips for New Moms & Dads

No book, magazine, blog, or news article that you read will follow prepare you to be a parent. You can read them and get tips from them but relying on them. No, do not do that. Every child Is unique in their own way. No child is the same. Therefore, it is important that you learn your child and the way your child is.

Anxiety or Stress

As soon as you bring that little one home you are going to be on high alert. Especially, if you are a new mom. You have no idea what to do with baby, do not want to mess up, do not want to hurt your baby, want to make sure your baby is properly fed and growing. You are going to be stressed out with sleepless nights. I am not trying to scare you, but all those things will happen. However, you must relax. Keep your anxiety and stress level to minimal as your baby will pick up on your cues. Your baby will start to cry more and be more agitated. You know why? Because your baby can sense your stress and anxiety. Therefore, if you want a calm baby. Parents need to be calm as well. Do not fret you will be okay, and in turn, your little one will be okay.

Breast Feeding

From the very beginning when you first became pregnant, I am sure that you heard plenty of people talking about how good breastfeeding is for your baby. That it gives baby so many nutrients and your baby will flourish. Well, not every baby is the same. Not every baby can feed on the breast, and that is okay. Just because you hear how good it is for everyone else does not mean that it is good for you and your baby. Babies are resilient. So, if they are not feeding properly on the breast it is perfectly fine to offer a bottle. You do not have to be ashamed or let people criticize you because you are not breastfeeding. You need to do what is best for your child or children.


So, you are pregnant, or you just had a baby and you want to go crazy and buy everything in the store for babies. Let me tell you right now. That is not needed, and your baby will most likely not ever use those items. Babies do not need expensive clothes, shoes, baby bottles, and more. They grow so fast that you will probably not even use all those clothes that were purchased. If you want to buy it, go for it. However, it is not needed and will save you loads of money.


Sleep when the baby sleeps. You may think, “Okay baby is sleeping now let me do the laundry.” “Let me get the kitchen cleaned.” Let me get some work done.” No, it is best if you do not have other children that do not need you awake to sleep when the baby sleeps. All the other things can wait until the baby wakes up. Let me tell you why. When baby wakes up you feed the baby, burp the baby, change a baby diaper, and play with the baby for a little. Then you can go ahead and put them back in the bassinet, crib, swing, etc. That way after you can go clean and do whatever work you needed to do. Baby will be fine in the crib and bassinet until then. Now, that does not apply if you have other kids that need you to be awake.

Playful Baby

Babies are extremely playful and like to be played with. If you are an introvert like me that may be a problem for you. When I had my first child, I did not want to play at all. However, as I started to see more and more smiles from my baby I began to play more. Babies are new to do this world and playing with them is the only way they experience when they are little. So, get off your phone, computer, social media, television, and Netflix. Play with your new little one.

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