Essay About Heritage And Family Tradition

Tradition of Giving

It pleases me and certainly makes me proud of the family members that gave to those that made it possible for having their wealth…the poor! Especially GGgrandfather Johann Meyer who through his Faith, built churches, schools and hospitals for children and those that were living in conditions of poverty. There were others in his family that were generous as well.
Interestingly enough, straight across the other side of the chart, my GGgrandfather Lawson C. Ives had his heart set on helping the widows who lost their husbands and homes from the war. He built this place 1864 and called it “Ives Widows Homes”

The Street and Some Buildings Still Exist

A Movement by the Wealthy

How wonderful that the wealthy had an obligation to help those that helped them to become wealthy. Those wealthy men in main German cities participated in this movement.

It was wonderful that we were able to visit the JM-street, walking down and seeing all the buildings that survived or were rebuilt from the WWll bombing.

I read there was a Johann Meyer-Park by the street of his name…and I believe a trust from him might also exists or just had expired.

Lawson C. Ives Generosity

I didn’t have much to go on for many years, but the computer and internet has changed all that.

Lawson C. Ives was from the clock-maker family in Hartford CT. He was a generous man, also a philanthropist sharing his wealth with the needy, building a Widows Home. Even after his death, leaving most of his wealth to the needy and churches.

The building that was built, was for the Civil War Widows…called Immanuel Houseserved a great purpose at the time, for Civil War Widows. I’m happy to know enough the building still stands today. Lawson C.Ives also supported a church, leaving a “trust” that also still exists.

Even after his death, leaving most of his wealth to the needy and churches. Yes, it pleased me to know they had done good deeds for those in need. However, all that stopped when the Ives daughters moved to Europe to find their own wealth by marriage…while back in the US were others in the family fought over the will…greed is a terrible thing!

“Give While You Live ~ You’ll Know Where It Goes”

I’ve realize even more, the fact that I’ve been given a second chance in life and that God also gave me a gift with my artistic ability…inspired me to keep a tradition of giving…I had to make it count for it’s a way for me to glorify God.

Although I don’t have the wealth my ancestors had, I do the best I can and give from the heart…as without that, it’s not a gift.

I’m proud this tradition of Giving has also been passed down to our daughters, they are very generous with those in need as well to friends and family.

What you are is God’s gift to you ~ what you do with yourself is your gift to God: Danish Proverb


The tradition of giving and doing good for others should be in all our lives.

Best of all, knowing my ancestors had great Faith…that is the icing on the cake.

My Blessings have been many ~ and I hope that in my little way, I can make a difference.

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