How to Make Custom Addition Math Fact Worksheets Essay

While it is easy to find math fact worksheets online, making your own has one big advantage. You can customize them to your child’s particular needs. And it’s quick and easy. With custom math sheets, you can put in a lot of problems that your child is struggling with and less of what they have already mastered. For example, if a child is struggling with 6 + 3 and 7 + 6, but not 2 + 9 and 4 + 4, you can focus on those problem areas without wasting their learning time on things they already know. If there’s a particular type of word problem your child struggles to grasp, you can give them a variation of that kind of problem every day. Pre-made math sheets don’t offer that level of flexibility. Of course, it helps to include those things they’ve already mastered for review from time to time.

You can use flashcards or an online addition math fact game to figure out what your child does and doesn’t know. The first worksheet you put together will take about 10 to 15 minutes, if you are good at using Microsoft Word. Once you have created the first worksheet, you can use it as a template for later worksheets. So, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes a day to create one. Of course, you can easily create worksheets by hand as well.

Use the Microsoft word table feature to organize your worksheet. Go to Insert – Table. Use the underline feature (CTRL U) to create lines under the addition problems.

Sample Addition Math Fact Problems

To make your worksheets more interesting, you can include different kinds of problems. One excellent way to teach addition math facts is to focus on the various addends that add up to a particular number. For example, 0 + 5, 1 + 4, and 2 + 3 are the groups of addends that add up to 5. It can be less overwhelming to a child to have math facts presented in this way rather than being presented with what can seem like a lot of random numbers.

A simple way to teach these is to create a 6 column table in Word. Put a number in the left column and then some problems that either do or don’t add up to that number. Your child will have to circle all correct answers.

And, remember, you can do this for word problems and geometry as well. Whatever your child is struggling with, use that kind of problem to build your sheets. Once you’ve built your first sheet for a particular area of study, use it as a template to build future sheets.

Also, you don’t have to build custom sheets for concepts where pre-made sheets work just fine. Use custom sheets for things that your child really struggles with where ready-made sheets aren’t providing them with the help they need.

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