Is Luther a Fool? You Decide

A Special, More of an Unplanned Introduction

is both appreciated and yet, not understood. That’s fine by me. There’s not enough mystery and controversy in the world, right? Thing is. I can’t decide which is more popular, mystery or controversy. But you can bet that in the end, one of the two will ultimately win this silent-running race.

Hunter S. Thompson, prolific writer, novelist, Father of Gonzo Journalism, died on February 20, 2005, Woody Creek, CO. Many don’t know that he was born on July 18, 1937. Funny how those obscure facts can be made even more obscure when facts are too boring to be interesting.

Not Speaking About the Court Jester

and not all about the late, beloved Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, (see photograph on very top right) is about two souls who exists everyday in and out of our lives. Your lives more than mine, but I am retired and don’t get out much. I heard that somewhere in a famous Jazz tune some year. I think it was “Don’t Get Round Much Anymore,” (please enjoy Duke Ellington’s video below this text–told you that this title was not made up) but I can’t be sure. I know that it had to be famous for here I am writing about that Jazz favorite.

The two souls, both mostly-opaque, are like I said in a few sentences before, the Court Jester and the Complete Fool. Never have I heard about someone being an Incomplete Fool. Isn’t that an oxymoron? What about a paradox? I am certainly no English professor, but it has to be one of them. Wonder if corduroy trousers with cardigan goes with English professors who are tenured at Brown University? One of you do me a huge favor and look up this question on Google and get back to me–I’m dying to know.

What do you Think About

the Court Jester and the Complete Fool? Hopefully a lot. I really mean this. I can’t look cheap and have only a meager amount of text about such interesting personalities can I? That would be ludicris, uncool, not hip, and down right laughable by my sweet followers whom I love more than my next breath.

Simply told, the Court Jester is, or was, an important chap in Midieval Times. He had to be important. His very life depended on the next laugh he produced by the king and queen depending on the moods they were having when the king’s appointed servant announced, “bring on the Court Jester–the beloved “King Noguff” wants to laugh.” Simple enough? I hope so. It will prevent me from writing a lot of facts about the pro’s and con’s about Court Jesters. One fact about Jesters is sad, let me warn you. I did find out that (depending on the mood of the king and queen) if one or both were down when the Court Jester made his appearance and started his monologue and bombed miserably he was then escorted physically by two burly bodyguards wearing armour complete with black masks (to make them look even more scary) and carted to the famous machine called a guillotine.

That should explain the end of the Court Jester’s career quite well.

Simply told, the Complete Fool is just that. Complete in his being a complete, total fool incapable of knowing even the remedial of most difficult Math problems from grades one through six and this particular fool could just hang it up on ever solving any sort of reading problems. Yukk. I hated those too.

When I get to the meat of this hub, I want you all to tell me which you appreciate the most, the Court Jester or the Complete Fool. Is that cool? Or are you getting ready for bed right now so you can get plenty of rest to have a great Monday at the office?

I Tell you What . . .

let’s make a change-up since MLB is underway and my beloved Cubs are doing well, and change this story completely–something of a slider, maybe a sinker would apply right now.

I want to, with the wisdom you have of the Court Jester and him being carted away to that “beast” of a “Murder Machine” I want to change the title of Complete Fool and use the more-respectful name of “Luther,” for one, “Luther” is mentioned in one of the late Boxcar Willie’s songs and this very same tale has been sang and told about since I was fourteen and living fearfully in the eighth grade, 1968, at Hamilton High School, in Hamilton, Ala. All true facts.

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