Mother With Special Medal Essay

Recently, I went home to visit my mother, and my mother took out her treasure, the Central Plains Vanguard “July 1” Medal, which was awarded by the Henan Provincial Party Committee to the party members who are more than 50 years old. Actually, when she went home last year, her old man has let me see and try it on. The old mother showed me her baby again. It’s about forgetfulness and a little more showy.

Mother is 90 years old, she participated in the work on land reform, when her life small town girls are afraid to appear in public, and her forthright personality, hardworking hardship, but also cultural, and soon became the Women’s National Salvation The director, because of his hard work, joined the Communist Party of China in 1953. In this way, his town became a celebrity. When I was a kid, my father who was a soldier lived in a bungalow in the army family home. In the summer evening, under the big poplar tree at the door, the neighbor’s aunts were busy knitting sweaters, doing needlework and preparing winter clothing in the shade of the children, but the mother led some of our sisters to read villain books and talk about story. Even in winter, the neighbors children are wearing fashionable, eye-catching stripe cotton boots that their mother rushed out in the summer, and our family does not distinguish between men and women. They all wear the army ’s large cotton boots. Second wear, postponed in turn, because of the ranking of the fourth, when I wear them, the big-headed cotton boots have already been broken everywhere.

When my mother gave birth to me, she left the house to take care of her children. When I was 7 years old, my father was devolved to the “May 7th” cadre of the Henan Military Region due to some social ties. There were 7 people in the family, and the pressure on life was so great, so the mother returned to work again. Regarding this experience, she has both complaints and pride: if she does not quit, she will have better career development and higher retirement salary; because she raised 5 sisters, and our respective jobs are calculated color. Remember when she was a child, she often taught us to be independent and to create a happy life by her own hands. She has repeatedly told our sisters: “It’s better to be ambitious to ask others and relatives!” In fact, we want to develop a self-reliance, self-respect, and self-reliance from childhood.

My mother likes to read books. In the early 1980s, Zhang Yang’s novel “Second Handshake” was popular all over the country. In her 50s, she looked like a young man several times and strongly recommended it to me. In the 1990s, She likes to read celebrities’ memoirs. Now, she reads newspapers and the magazine “Old Man Spring and Autumn” every day. She is concerned about the domestic and international situation. When it comes to the “three rural” issues, the property prices are too high, and Syria and Assad are coming. Her ears were not clear enough, and I was unwilling to discuss these issues with her, and she was not angry, so she pulled my husband, and still basically talked hotly.

The mother was broad-minded and long-term. Because she did not marry early and chose to work, she was fortunate to meet my father later, a handsome, talented soldier who was awarded a military rank in 1955; because her children did not spend time doing needlework, and It is to teach everyone to read books and tell stories, and it has also made us a few sisters who did not wear shoes with eyebrows to gain the knowledge and popularity of the children in the compound.

After her mother left the company, she was 43 years old when she joined the work. Many people advised her to take her children with her at home, but she was stubborn until she got the retirement salary, which became the envy of the family members who did not work at the time. Because she loves reading and studying, she is not only flexible at the age of 90, but also affects her children and grandchildren. Each of our sisters has several bookcases filled with various reading materials. The next five children have graduated with a master’s degree. At 211 or 985 colleges.

My mother is also a sincere and kind person. She said that if a person is not true, no one will care about you in the future, because everyone is not stupid. She also pityes the poor. When we were young, there were often people coming to beg. She not only gave food but also gave her old clothes. In these years, there have been no beggars at home, and she has put her heart on doing good at the gate to sell melons and vegetables from the countryside. At noon on a hot summer day, I brought a bowl of water to the sea (after cooking the noodles in cold water) and refreshed the eggs with noodles. In order to thank her for giving me watermelon, she said humorously, “I’m not selling The food. “Cleverly rejected others’ kindness.

In recent years, although my mother is old, every time I leave home and think of her old man, I can’t help thinking: What is the family style? Does each have their own style? And the style of our family is more influenced by the mother. This family style is: First, remember to be grateful mother often said that she would like to thank the Communist Party for making the country rich and the people safe. She often said that it was so chaotic abroad and that she fought every day. It ’s like our country and the people ’s happiness. Moreover, the party organization did not forget her old party member and issued her a party age medal for more than 50 years. The second is hard work, self-reliance and self-improvement-she often tells us from her own experience that only by working hard can a family be happy, especially She is a woman, and she ca n’t be a housewife in the hut. The third is to persist in learning only the learning brain will not rust, and cultural talents will be respected. The fourth is to be honest and kind she often said, If there is a cause, there will be results.

Right now, a 90-year-old mother is particularly satisfied with her current life. She spent her retirement salary with great momentum, and saw her children’s family happiness and success in school and grandchildren. In the yard, she enjoyed the envy and praise of many people. She also received a medal that many old ladies did not have. There are always smiles in the days. And thinking of a happy old mother in my old age, I also have infinite sweetness and comfort in my heart.

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