Essay About My Son's Hub: A Childs' Aspirations

The Championship

One day I had a very important baseball game. It was January 7, 2012 and my team made it to the Championship. We had worked very hard to get there. We lost a couple games but we made it even though we didn’t think we would.

My team is the Brave Bills. We are the third best team in Fort Worth. We have won 15 games and lost 4. We all loved baseball when we were small and still do. The game was going to start at 5:00 pm. We were raring to go. We were the first ones there and got in two hours of early practice.

In the 6th inning we were up by ten points, we had twenty-five points in all. In the 11th inning we were down by 5 points. By the 12th inning we had all the bases loaded. The pitcher was only throwing fast balls but we hit everyone of them . I was the batter and the pitcher threw his hardest ball and I hit it.

We won the Championship !! We celebrated for two hours. My dad told me “congratulations boys . You have finally won the Championship. You have all practiced so hard. You really deserve this”.

From Mom

This hub story was written by my 12 year old son Jr. he wants to be a writer one day so he gave me his first hub and asked me to publish it on my account since we weren’t sure how old you have to be to have an account on Hub Pages. I am glad he writes because it is good practice since most of his school work is done online. It improves his spelling and composition because I tell him to get published it must be correct. Now if I could just get him to make it longer.

I am very proud of him. Thanks and please comment and rate.

This Year 2020

My sweet baby son turned 18 last October. His dreams of being a famous writer or baseball player have changed to college and girls but I will always hold dear those childhood memories and wish I could have had him that age forever. But life must go on.

Sweet Jr. always my baby boy. I love you and miss our special times so much. I hope the dictionary and atlas book i gave you for graduation will serve you well where ever you go. Remember Son Mama loves you !

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