Essay About Plagiarism: How Do We Stop Thieves from Stealing Our Work?

Plagiarism is Stealing

Most of us come to Hubpages so that we can earn some extra money. And I am sure you will agree, the cash comes in useful as long as you put the work into your Hubs.

And the one thing that you never think of is plagiarism. When you write it is from the heart. You don’t expect someone to copy your work. You write because you want to, or need too.

But the main reason is not the money. And especially not the reason why you write for Hubpages. Take me, for example. I have been writing ever since I was about 10 years old. I am not saying I was a good writer, I was, and am just a writer. So, what does that mean? Well, it’s a feeling.

And that feeling can hit you wherever you are, whether its in the queue of the local store, usually comes to me with about ten people in front! Or maybe when you are just sitting down to eat your dinner.

You suddenly get a strong feeling and a need for at the least, a pen and paper, or mainly a PC. What makes you feel like that? Usually something that has got your interest on the TV while you are eating. Or an article in the Newspaper. Who knows? That feeling can hit you at any time.

I suppose the best way to explain it, is to say its like an addiction. Where I am concerned, I get that feeling about reading too. I can sit there for hours just reading away, totally ignoring the chores around me. Then ten minutes before someone comes home, out comes the hoover, duster and mop and I wizz around the house like superwoman!

So, back to Hubpages. I searched for loads of sites before I got to this one. And the second I hit that button that said ‘join’, I felt that this was the right one. Why? you may well ask. Because, like you, I found a platform for my ramblings, intellect, or lack of! and an addiction to writing. No more bits of paper. No more rejection slips or waiting for months for a reply.

And that’s what I call perfect!

So, why does plagiarism drive me mad?

A Bit Like Giving Birth!

Now we know the reason why we write, we’ll get to how we feel about our work. This is going to sound a bit stupid, but its like giving birth! Yeah, you heard me! I love doing all the research, I missed college, went to night school and still have withdrawal pangs. So, we browse through books, go to the search engine and try to find odd snippets that we have missed and we add photos or documents.

Then, just like the author in Stephen Kings Misery film, I get out a cigarette, I know, don’t nag I only smoke 5 a day! place it next to me, hit the publish button, and then, voila! I light my cigarette! I suppose I should lock all the doors at that point, just in case someone comes in to hit me over the head with a typewriter! or hobble me! If you haven’t seen the film, well, you don’t know what your missing!

And then, there it is. Its taken a good long while to do all of the work, and then we have to try and promote it. So, the point I am making is that its not necessarily about the money. The information has come from our minds. Us. No one else on the planet. And that’s what ticks me off.

Someone, somewhere decides that, actually they can’t be bothered to do any of the work, so its fine to just steal it. But its not just our work they are stealing. Its our mind. Its our thoughts, and most importantly, its our experiences. Whether it’s a personal piece, or an historical fact, the idea for it came from us.

To some extend I can, and do understand if the person stealing it comes from a non English speaking country, is very poor and will do anything to earn a few bucks. But when its someone who claims on their site that they are a professional singer, actor etc, and produces photos to prove it, then I go ballistic!

Definition of Plagiarism

The unauthorised use or imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

And something used and represented in this manner.


Is Plagiarism Just an Annoying Fact of the Internet? Or Is It Theft?

I believe that these people need to learn a lesson. And the only way that it will sink into their heads is if we name and shame them! Not only will they think twice before doing it again, it will give the opportunity to other Hubbers to check out their websites to see if they have done it to them.

Why now? Well, as someone stated on the forums, Since the new domain has come into being, will our hubs be regarded as ‘New?’. If they are, and if they do suddenly change dates, will our hubs suddenly be regarded as the ‘copied’ version? Good thinking? Or silly?

What Do You Think?

After all the Hubs that have been written, we don’t want to lose out on the search engines just so that someone who can’t be bothered to do any work, reap the benefits. Plagiarism is a crime.

So, do you think its a good idea? Or am I having a grumpy day? You decide!

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