Several Ways To Furnish A Kitchen Essay

Do you know how can a smart kitchen helps you in everyday life? Well, it all depends on the matter of viewpoints – different perspectives, lifestyles. Kitchen is considered to be the most important part of the house. Seeing the arrangements of the kitchen, it can be understood how promising you are as a housewife. If you are a working woman then you have to bear dual responsibility. The way you are expected to have high-level management in the office, the same efficiency is also required for kitchen management. Lack of time is a major problem for working women.

So, for avoiding the problems I have gathered some important tips to make your kitchen a smart one.

Ways to Furnish Your Kitchen to a Smart one

  • Your kitchen is either a modular or traditional one, always keep it clean and tidy.
  • Put all the items in the boxes properly and set everything in a certain place, doing so will not waste time in searching for things.
  • Whatever box or bottle you have taken, always clean them and keep it in the proper place after usage. Do not forget to leave the work for tomorrow as it never comes and the task will become a headache for you.
  • Use paper kitchen napkins for dusting, as you will get rid of washing and drying kitchen towels.
  • Whatever items are getting finished in the kitchen, make a list of them by noting them in the diary, this will help in making the list for ration.
  • No matter how many boxes you bring for keeping pulses and spices, some of them are still left in the bags. So fix a separate drawer for this stuff and fold the open bags properly and fix them with the pins used for drying clothes.
  • Keep the ration in the kitchen as much as required, avoid the habit of unnecessary storage.
  • On weekends, buy vegetables for the whole week and store them in the fridge in the proper manner.
  • Nowadays, frozen packets of snacks are easily available in the market, keep it handy for the uncertain guests, so that you can entertain them in a right and short time.
  • Decide your menu for breakfast and lunch to be carried in the office in night only. Also, check whether the necessary materials are available for it or not. For example, if you start making pancakes and you are short of flour.
  • Before cooking every day, use the paste to avoid the hassle of cutting and grinding tomato, onion, garlic and ginger. For making paste grind 250grams garlic, 100grams ginger, and 1\4 cup vinegar to make a fine paste. Store it in the fridge. Use it according to the requirement. For tomato puree – take 1 kg of tomatoes, 2 big onions, 8-10 garlic pieces, some pieces of cardamom, and cinnamon and cook it in a cooker to boil. Grind it, filter it and then store it in an airtight box to be kept in the refrigerator. Be it a dry or roasted vegetable use this puree to make it a delicious one.
  • For doing the quick and easy way of doing work, make your kitchen a Hitech one. By adopting many electronic devices available in the market you will not be able to save only time but can also make delicious recipes easily and quickly.
  • If you don’t have various electronic devices like oven, rice cooker, induction, microwave etc. then try to purchase them one by one on an instalment basis. Either it’s your birthday or anniversary instead of taking clothes or jewellery ask for kitchen equipments which will surely make your work much easier.
  • Always clean the kitchen before going out. Keep all the things in their own place. It will give you a lot of relief when you will return from the office.
  • In order to avoid insects and pests in the kitchen, apply pests control from time to time. Nowadays, herbal pest control is also in practice.

If you have less space in Kitchen

Not everyone has been blessed with a spacious kitchen, so, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try to organize your kitchen with these manageable tips.

  • With the help of wire shelf risers, you can easily turn one shelf into two, giving you more space for storing dishes.
  • Follow the first in first out rule for groceries. Basically, put the new boxes behind and use the old one first.
  • Keep things organized by putting labels, and bins.
  • Keep your table cloth – mats, napkins or table runner in a durable plastic bags as they have to be used occasionally.
  • Divide your drawer not only for forks, knives and spoons but for accommodating large, small, and various odd-shaped utensils.
  • Keep your pans, cutting board, baking sheets horizontally to curb any future frustration.
  • Always store your pots and cooking utensils above your stovetop to keep it handy.
  • Use the forgotten spaces like the side of the lower cabinets to hang heavy items like a chopping board.

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