Song Titles Using School That Are Not By Alice Cooper

Three things you are bound to encounter, each appealing to one of your five senses. Actually, the first might appeal to two senses, depending on how early you arrive.

Graduation parties you will attend certainly will satisfy your sense of taste, be it from burgers or cole slaw or potato salad or a dessert. If you arrive early enough, though, your sense of smell will be aroused by the tempting aroma coming from the grill.

Your vision will be touched on Memorial Day weekend, when you see the headstones in the cemetery where rest your loved ones. Most likely, the eyes that provide that precious sense of sight will be wet with tears.

The third late May certainty appeals to your sense of hearing, as it has every year since 1972. Somewhere through some format you will hear “School’s Out,” the classic rock anthem by Alice Cooper.

While the title track from Cooper’s fifth album is surely the most well-known, it is by no means the only song with the word school in the title. Here are eleven others, including some by artists who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

1. Schooldays by the Kinks
Appropriately, this nostalgic tune comes from the LP Schoolboys In Disgrace, on which Ray Davies recalls both good and bad aspects of his youth.

2. Charm School by Elvis Costello
This catchy single is found on Punch The Clock, which also spawned the single “Everyday I Write the Book.”

3. Schoolgirls by the Headboys
Obviously this track would be on the band’s self-titled debut, for they unfortunately never released a follow up.

4. Rock and Roll High School by the Ramones
If this campus made famous by the punk rock band really existed, wouldn’t you just love an opportunity to attend its Prom?

5. Metal School by Spoon
Brit Daniels and his Texas indie outfit had two metal songs on A Series Of Sneaks, this one and another called Metal Detektor.

6. My Old School by Steely Dan
The thirty five sweet goodbyes that open this hit from Countdown To Ecstasyallegedly refer to sex, but Donald Fagen and Walter Becker also take a jab at G. Gordon Liddy and their former pals at Bard College.

7. Be True To Your School by the Beach Boys
From the Little Deuce Coupe album, this track gained renewed popularity after Mike Love sang it with John Stamos on a memorable episode of Full House.

8. School Boy Crush by the Average White Band
This jazzy tune about lust in education predates both of the more famous hits, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by the Police and “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen.

9. School by Supetramp
Roger Davies and Rick Hodgson provide quite an unflattering look back at their early years in education, one of the standout tracks on the Crime of the Century album.

10. (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard by Cat Stevens
The folk songwriter here recalls his first love, with whom he laughed and cried on the playground.

11. School Mam by the Stranglers

Closing out the punk band’s second album No More Heroes, this look back on the education institution is quite negative.

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