Essay About Television - Doctor Who - Alien Races

Television – Doctor Who – Alien Races

Doctor Who is one of the most creative and imaginative sci-fi shows in history. It focuses around a travelling alien who interacts with several species around the universe. The show began in 1963, almost fifty years ago. In this time hundreds of alien races have been introduced and been worked into the show. Some were seen on screen in the Doctor Who show, others in spin off shows, but all reside in the same universe. In this article I am going to give a brief introduction into as many of the different species as I can. In certain occasion the Doctor would encounter a whole species, and in others only one or two members of a species.

This list has been compiled prior to the 2012 /2013 series of Doctor Who and reflects all species known up to this time. Please note this is NOT a complete list and there will be many several gaps.

The 4-5-6: A species of alien from Torchwood, with whom the British government made a deal with in 1965. They resemble giant caterpillars and have three heads. They do not reveal their name, but are know by the numbers 4-5-6, the digital frequency on which they communicate with earth.

Abaddon: A demonic creature sealed away before time that resembles the devil.

The Abomination: A 15th century painting that was too terrifying to be seen. The painting was covered in minerals that were alive and hosted alien organisms.

Abzorbaloff: An alien that absorbs and feeds on the life of other life forms.


Adipose: Small aliens that are made of pure fat. They are grown in a breeding world, and controlled by a nursing mother. They do not seem to have individualistic goals but follow orders.

Aggedor: The sacred beast of the planet Peladon. Legends say it is a large hairy beast with a sharp single horn atop its head.

Alpha Centauri: A genderless alien, who was tall, green, had blue eyes, six arms and a high pitched voice. It was often seen working alongside the doctor, and at one point the doctor considered Alpha Centauri a friend.

Alzarius Natives: A civilisation of humanoids from a parallel universe, E- Space.

Ancient Lights: An ancient race of entities that controlled the universe before the Big Bang.


Androgum: A primitive basic humanoid race that are very aggressive and savage by nature.

Anti-Matter monster: An invisible large monster that had a taste for humanoid skin.

Aquarbi: A race of half human half horse like creatures that have battled humans in the past.

Argolin: A race of aliens who fought many a time among themselves until they almost destroyed themselves. Eventually they realised how ridiculous they were becoming and instead of fighting, they dedicated their life to creating Leisure Planets.

Arkan: A liquid like boring race of aliens that had little involvement in the shows.

Atraxi: A galactic police force that appeared to be large Eyeballs attached to a central structure of some sort.

Attention seekers: A sub species of aliens that were worshipped on their planet before its destruction. Now they crave admiration and submission from anyone.

Autons: These aliens are plastic dummies are usually controlled by a central system. They conceal hidden weapons and are very dangerous. They do not usually have independent thought and are controlled by other alien species.

Axos: A large crab like creature that lands on earth and tries to con the humans for their energy sources. The Axos has the ability to transform its form into anything else and split itself into multiple units.

Bane: Large tentacle aliens with a single piercing eye. They are mildly psychic and have ambitions to take over the human race.

Bees: Some bees on planet earth actually originate from another planet, Melissa Majoria.

The Berserker: A small group of rouge aliens who use pendants to exert their will of control.

Blathereen: A family of aliens from Raxacoricofallapatorius. They are naturally larger than humans and have a more reptile look.

Blowfish: A vicious species of alien that appear humanoid but have deep red faces, gills and tenticles.

Boekind: The Face of boe, a large face that is believed to be the future form of Captain Jack Harkness. The Face of Boe is alluded to be the oldest thing alive in the universe.

Brain Parasite: A metre long worm, with four hooked mandibles around the mouth. These mandibles are where the larvae are born and they work their way towards your brain and drive you insane.

Bruydac: These larger humanoid aliens are physically intimidating and psychic. They have the ability to possess another form’s body over million’s of light years in distance.

Butterfly People: A translucent humanoid race which appeared on earth through Torchwood’s teleporter.

Canisians: Humanoid war mongering aliens who want universal dominance.

Carrionite: An old race of witches that use advance technology instead of magic. They have power with words, and were banished away many millennia ago by the Eternals.

Cash Cow: A huge space whale that fell through the rift and ended up lost in a warehouse on Earth.

CatKind: These are felines that have evolved into a humanoid form. They have the shape of a humanoid, but the features of cats.

Caxtarids: Large Humanoids who are expert torturers. They have metallic red hair, and metallic coloured eyes.

Cell 114: This is an advanced sleeper cell that integrate into society to gain intelligence. They are noticeably different from the society they integrate into by their forearms. On this section of their body you will see translucent computer circuitry.

Charmeleons: These aliens will invade a planet by physically copying their hosts. They have the ability to transform themselves into any form.

Cheetah People: A race of aliens that resemble Cheetahs. They have the ability to turn others into Cheetah people and are known for kidnapping and extortion.

Chelonians: A race of cybernetic humanoid tortoises that were a war mongering race from the planet Chelonia. Some fully grown Chelonians have abilities that include X-ray vision and a heightened sense of hearing.

Chimera: A human who has had its DNA spliced with the DNA of an alien.

Chula: An advanced Alien race which are not actually seen on screen. They are known for using Nanogenes to help the ill. Nanogenes are small alien particles that have the ability to heal the body of any species of alien.

Crespallions: Blue skinned humanoids that originate from the planet Crespallion.

Cybermen: Originally a race of humanoids which evolved through the aim of self preservation. They fused their bodies with computers and became cool calculating killing machines. They are one of the Time Lords biggest enemies and they have a very wide reach through the universe. They have upgraded animals into their form, and they are referred to as Cybershades and Cybermats. The Cybermen and usually controlled by a leader, and through the years the leader has been known under many names including the Cyber-Controller and the Cyberking.

Dalek Humans: An evolution of the daleks where they crosses DNA with humans. They resulted in humanoid creatures which had Dalek features and the Dalek’s taste for war.

Dalek: The Doctors mortal enemy, the species that bought the destruction of the Time Lords. They are small and fragile octopus like creatures that live inside a metal armour that is fierce and deadly. They have a taste for control, and they have a passion to destroy everything besides themselves. The only thing in the whole universe they fear is The Doctor, as he is the one person who always brings on their temporary destruction. The Daleks were originally known as the Dal, and were created by Davros on the planet Skaro.

The Dark: Aliens of pure darkness that have no physical form. They exist in the void between universes and have often tried to turn earth into part of their empire.

Data Ghost: The echo of a dead human or alien’s consciousness which is retained in electrical technological equipment after the being has deceased.

The Dead: Neurtron eating ghost like creatures from another universe that feed on the neutrons of the human body.

Death: This creature appears to be the original death and if manifested, it will walk the universe killing all it can.

Demon: Aliens from the planet Daemos that have become known as demon’s through legend. This species is most known for its leader. The leader, also known as Satan was trapped on a planet in orbit over a black hole. If he dared escape he would be pulled into the Black Hole; it had the choice of life imprisoned or death.

Dogon: A reptilian race with thirteen eyes that grant the Dogan to have enhanced perception skills.

Doovari: A race of aliens who power their spacecraft on sexual energy.

Draconian: A humanoid race from the future with pointed heads, pointed ears and patches of scaly skin. They frequently interact with humans, mainly through hostility which has led to a treaty between the two nations.

Drashig: Gigantic worm like creatures with eye stalks atop their heads. They eat everything from scrap metal to flesh, and seem to have a very low level of intelligence.

The Droon: A species of small extraterrestrial insects that take residence in warm places including the sinus passages of humans. They are relatively harmless on the whole, but you could be unlucky enough to encounter an aggressive one.

Eknodines: These aliens inhabit the human body sustaining their life. They are identified by green eyed stalks that extend from the human mouth.

Elder: A race of advanced humanoids that separate themselves as the elite on their planet. They drain the life source energy from all others on their planet to sustain themselves and their technologies.

Entity: A gaseous form that would devour the whole universe if it could. The Doctor trapped it inside a bottle to stop it causing damage and destruction.

Eternals: An advanced race of aliens who live outside the Universe in a place without Time. They are extremely powerful and have the ability to manipulate matter freely. Their main weakness is their lack of creativity and imagination.

Eve: The child of an unknown race who was evacuated to earth after her planet was destroyed by the Daleks.

Fairies: These fairies live on planet earth alongside humans. They are similar to the fairies from story tales but are not only friendly. They have no purpose to life beyond their own survival.

The Family of Blood: A species of Aliens that feed of the energy of Time Lords. Due to their hostile actions towards Time Lords they are looked upon as violent and dangerous.

Fish People: An underwater humanoid civilisation living in the lost city of Atlantis.

The Flesh: An artificially grown race of humans who are grown for the singular purpose of medical research.

Fleshkind: A race of humanoid appearance that have an ongoing war with the Metalkind, a metallic species.

The Flood: An infection that is water bound upon the waters of mars. The infection takes hold of its host and controls them before killing them by removing all their internal moisture.

Foamasi: A reptilian race that resemble humanoids.

Foreset of Cheem: A race of bipedal trees that are decedents from the old earth trees.

Futurekind: A barbaric sect of the human race that evolved towards wild animals. They have sharp teeth and are more akin to beast then man.

Genie: These are artificial life forms developed by a scientist in an artificial reality. They are a cross between a platypus and a small dragon.

Gangers: An identical copy of a human made by the material known as Flesh. The human is seen as artificial and disposable and used for dangerous work such as mining acid.

Gastropod: A race of giant slugs.

Gee-Jee Fly: Insect that in native to the planet Varos.

Gelth: A race of gaseous aliens that had lost their physical form in the Time War.

Gorgon: A parasitic race which resemble snakes.

Graske: An alien species which have the ability to abduct people from time and space and replace them with a shape shifting version of themselves.

Great Vampire: One of the many vampire lords that govern the race of Vampires.

Groske: Biologically similar to the Graske, but they are blue.

Guardians: There are two universe guardians. The White Guardian represents the good in the universe and The Black Guardian represents the bad in the universe.

Haemo-Goth: A race of creatures that want the doctor’s controlling reign to end. Nothing more is known about this species.

Haemovore: Vampiric creatures from the future that used to be human. They evolved into blood sucking creatures through years of living under extreme pollution.

Handbots: These mechanical creatures were programmed to help citizens of Apalapucia with their kindness.

Hath: An Alien species that are tall humanoids with fish like heads, they can only breath air through apparatus that is fused onto their faces. They are intelligent and emotional creatures with a very strong respect for life.

The Headless Monks: A religion of sorts, one can be converted from almost any species. Once converted, the monk will have his head removed, but will wear a hood that gives the impression of a head still being there.

Hetocumtek: A warrior God who attempts to enslave people as soon as he falls from the skies.

Hitchhiker: A parasitic alien which lives through a host. They are harmless and will not cause any damage although they will release endorphins into the host’s blood.

Hoix: An alien that does nothing but eat all day. That is it’s only goal and ambition and it will hurt whoever it needs to, to get its way.

Hop Pyleen: Brothers from Rex Vox Jax, the inventors of Hyposlip Travel Systems.

Horda: Meat eating creatures that crawl along the ground.

Heavenly Host: These are androids that resemble Christmas Angels. They are submissive and follow their leader’s orders weather the orders be pleasant or violent.

Ice Warriors: A Martian species of humanoids that resemble reptiles. They have scales all over their skin and usually wear thick armour. They have large hands and use sonic weaponry.

Isolus: A spore like alien species that spend their live travelling in swarms through the universe.

The Jagaroth: A vicious extinct race that according the doctor ‘nobody will miss.’

Jagrafess: A large slimly creature that had attached itself atop a satellite control station. It commanded all the satellites power towards keeping its body cool.

Jixen: Turtle like warriors who are in the midst of a war against the Merons which has been raging through the Galaxy for centuries.

Judoon: Galactic Police who work for the Shadow Proclamation. They resemble Rhinos, have advanced technology but are fairly stupid.

Korven: Green skinned humanoids, with four horns on their chin, two horns atop their head, large wing like ears and a constantly shifting skin colour.

Krafayis: A griffin like creature that could only be seen by Vincent Van Gogh. The creature acted out of fear and loneliness, and lashed out at people.

Krillitane: A composite race that picks and choose physical traits from different species they conquer. They are constantly changing appearance through the years. They want to find the formula of the universe, so they can create the building blocks how they see fit.

Kroll: A giant mutated squid that is worshipped as a god on its planet.

Krynoid: Highly dangerous plant life that are expelled from their planet through constant volcanic eruptions. If they come in contact with another life form they slowly take over it and form into a fully grown Kyrnoid.

The Light: Allies of Abaddon and the Grey Beast the light are energy creatures made of pure halogen that are hell bent of universal domination.

Logopolitan: A race of odd looking aliens who were very advanced at Maths. Their primary focus as a race was to ensure that heat death of the universe did not happen.

Macra: A huge crab like species that mainly appear at night. They colonise certain planets and are very deadly mainly due to their size.

Malmooth: A race of intelligent humanoid Insectoids that appear to be a physical cross between humans and insects. They always start their speech with the words “CHAN” and end with the word “THO”. Not to do so would be rude.

The Master: A childhood Time Lord friend of the Doctor who became his enemy in adulthood. The Master was after universal dominance whilst the Doctor wanted the exact opposite.

The Mayfly: A medically used insectoid creature that can “reset” a human body to a natural healthy stage. Unfortunately it usually ends up killing the host when it chooses to leave the body.

The Meddling Monk: A Time Lord who enjoys manipulating time in such a way that he gains from it.

Medusoid: Hairy jellyfish with claws, teeth and a leg.

Melkene: An extinct race of incredibly advanced aliens who created exceptionally realistic artefacts.

Men In Black: Android slabs that can be controlled for any purpose.

Menoptra: Intelligent, bipedal insectoids from the planet Vortis that look like a cross between a bee and a butterfly. They are a peaceful species and are very unique.

The Mentors: An amphibious race who are humanoid but have a tail and communicate through a device worn around their necks.

The Metalkind: A species from the planet Tornado Nebula that are at war with the species Fleshkind.

Midnight Entity: An unnamed and unseen creature that lives on the planet Midnight. It is described as a Shadow and has the ability to take possession of living bodies and control them.

Midomar: A minute race of aliens that can travel through radio waves and reconstruct themselves at the other side.

Minotaur: A being that feeds on people’s beliefs and desires.

Mona Lisa: An alien organism is present in the paint of this painting, similar to that of the Abomination.

Monoid: A one-eyed alien race that lived upon the ark after the earth was disintegrated.

Movellan: An old adversary of the Daleks from another galaxy. They resemble humans but are actually androids.

Moxx of Balhoon: A humanoid alien with a grey-blue tinted skin. This species has incredibly weak legs and arms and cannot support its own weight naturally. The species is extremely clever and has an enlarged head to accommodate their extremely large brain.

Nestene (Consciousness): Creatures that resemble a liquid and can control all forms of plastic. They have been seen to control the Autons most regularly.

Night Travellers: A race of humanoid aliens who stole the breathes of their “audiences” and captured them inside their own storage to feed upon later.

Nostrovite: Shapeshifting carnivorous aliens who have a taste for human flesh and blood.

Ogrons: Mercenaries for hire, whom are large humanoids with grey skin, thick tangled hair and protruding brow ridges.

Olympians: A superior race of life bringers, often credited for the creation of the universe. They are tall, immortal and powerful.

Ood: A race of humanoid aliens that have tentacles as well as human features. They are empathic creatures and have two brains. One internal and one external that is constantly kept in their hands, they also link telepathically with a remote larger (third) brain. They are an enslaved race that have been forced into labour after their external brain had been replaced with a service module.

Optera: Caterpillar like creatures that were originally Menoptra. They elected to live underground instead of above ground and they differ by having larger eyes and no wings.

Osiran: An ancient powerful race similar to the Time Lords whose history has been encoded into Egyptian Mythology.

Parasitic Alien Tapeworms: A parasite which starts its life as an egg inside another species. It will hatch, grow and life of the host’s food. When the host dies it will leave the body, and for the first time ever will fly towards a new host. As soon as It finds a new host it will lay it’s eggs inside the host then die.

Peg Dolls: A small doll that creeps out of a Tenza’s cupboard. The child Tenza can put anything he fears into his cupboard and it should stay there. Not the peg dolls……

Pied Piper: An energy entity from the Jeggorabax Cluster that feeds of emotions.

Pig Slave: A mutation of a human and a pig created by the daleks to act as their slaves.

Plasmavore: A shape changing alien that lives off haemoglobin, which they get by absorbing blood from their victims.

Primord: These creatures were originally human before being mutated by slime. They had a very low level of intelligence but displayed organisation and tactics.

Prizoner Zero: A shapeshifting alien that resembles a viperfish and is on the run from the Atraxi. The prisoner is patient and can wait a number of years in hideout until it is ready to strike and attack.

Pterodactyl: A large winged flying dinosaur that flies around planets and feasts on humanoids and animals.

Pyrovile: A race of stone skinned aliens who live among magma and for many a year lived within Mount Vesuvius.

Raak: A sea monster experimented on by Crozier.

Racnoss: An ancient race from the Dark Times of the universe. They are part humanoid, part arachnid (spider) in appearance. They consume everything they can and are looking for revenge against the Time Lords for whipping out their planet in the Time War.

Raxacoricofallapatorians: A race of people who form into large families and identify themselves by their family names over their race. The noticeable families in the show have been the Blathereen family, and the Slitheen family.

Reaper: Reapers are flying creatures with huge wingspans, sharp teeth and a beak. They materialise in and out of realities and they clean up the mess when something meddles with the order of time. When a paradox happens, they bleed into our reality and they feast on living beings, the older the better for them.

Ritual Motorcycles: These motorcycles are modified to have a living brain. They race each other to settle minor debates and conflicts between different alien species.

The Sanctified: A race of bipedal aliens who have no skin, just exposed muscles and tendons.

Scarecrow: Straw filled foot soldiers which are animated by another alien species.

Sea Devil: Turtle Like Humanoids that lived on Earth millions of years ago. They thought the moon would collide with the earth so they ended up hibernating underground.

Selachian: A marine race that resemble salmon but have adapted to breathe on land through a helmet.

Serfian: Giant beetle or insect type species that can incubate into the human body.

Sex Gas: A parasitic gas that comes to feed on orgasmic energy in the creation of the earth. It takes control of a human host, and makes their internal organs explode.

Shalka: A serpentine race made of plasma that appear to be living rock or magma. They prefer high temperatures and communicate with high pitched screams.

Shambonie: A humanoid race with big foreheads.

Shansheeth: A race of vulture like aliens who take charge of interplanetary funeral processions. They are known as the universal funeral arrangers and organizers.

The Silence: A religious order of aliens that have the ability to make people forget they have seen them immediately afterwards. They are humanoids, with large eye holes and no visible mouths. They want to make the Doctor’s death a fixed point in Time and affect the future there after.

The Skith: An ice-based telepathic species who seek knowledge and understand through exploration. They use aggressive methodologies to extract this information from the minds of others.

The Skullions: A race of on eyed aliens from the planet Skultos. They are allergic to water in such a way that if it touches their skin it will burn them in a painful way.

Slitheen: A family of Raxacoricofallopatorians who want control of the earth. They constantly crop up against the Doctor as they try to over through the earth for their own purposes. They can wear a human suit over their large figures to pass of as human and are allergic to acetic acid.

Slyther: A monster that served the Daleks on Earth.

Solonian: Humanoids from the planet Solos. Their planet constantly undergoes major changes every few centuries, so as a species they keep adapting and changing.

Sontarans: These aliens are bred for one purpose only, for war. They often try to take over the earth and colonise it and the one person who always stands in their way is the doctor.

Spiridon: An advance race of humanoids who have developed the ability to become invisible during life. After death they become visible again.

Star Whale: A giant whale like creature, the one encountered believed to be the last of its kind.

The Swarm: Flying Manta ray like creatures with exposed exoskeletons that allow them safe passage through the wormhole. They travel in swarms at such speed that they eventually generate a worm hole. They jump through the worm hole and eat everything in site before jumping to another planet.

The Sycorax: Skinless humanoids who wear mantles of bone. They are violent and aggressive dictators who exert their dominance over lesser species.

Tenza: Alien birds that resemble cuckoos. They blend into their environment and have psychic abilities to create things out of thin air.

Terileptils: A reptilian humanoid species that need to breathe soliton gas to survive. They had an advanced society with appreciation of beauty and warfare.

The Teselecta: This is mechanical robot that has the look of a humanoid and has the ability to travel through time and represents “The Justice Department.” It is not automated, and is controlled by a crew of humanoids that have been shrunk down to fit inside.

The Tetrap: A species which resemble bats and have four eyes (one on each side of their head) giving them 360° vision. They feed of a dark sludge, and have a limited intelligence.

Thal: The Thal are a humanoid species that inhabited Skaro alongside the Daleks.

Trickster’s Brigade: This range of species can take several forms but are most commonly seen as Beetles (known as the Time Beetle). They feed on chaos in time and they alter personal time lines to get their way. They are independent life forms but they serve the higher purpose of the Trickster.

The Trickster: This creature lives outside the universe but can briefly visit an inhabited universe to meddle. It will offer deceptive deals with a very high price and often appears as reflections in mirrors. The Trickster attempts to change history to its own end.

Timelords: The race of Timelords are a proud powerful race that have the ability to regenerate to avoid death. The Doctor belongs to this race. They originate from the planet Gallifrey and are a neutral race that do not intervene with most species’ issues. They have the ability to manipulate time and are often seen as ‘pompous’ by other races. It is revealed in later episodes that the race of Time Lords with the exception of the Doctor and the Master were sealed in a Time Lock, and for intense purposes are dead.

Toclafane: The Toclafane are a version of human’s from a distant future. When the universe is dying they evolve into a new cyborg race and cause a paradox by going back in time on the Human Timeline and try to live trillions of years before they were born.

Torajii: A sentient star that is actually a living creature.

Travist Polong: A large orange five eyed slug that causes damage and attempts to ransack earth.

Tritovore: An advanced race of humanoids that trade their excrement (which is extremely valuable) with other civilizations.

Usurian: A race of people who rejected military desires in the favour of economic conquest. They enslave the human race for a short while in the future.

Uvodni: A bug like race that are have a humanoid shape.

Vampire: Throughout the show a variety of vampires have been shown with a number of backgrounds. At one point they are identified as something created from the human psyche. At another point they were identified as a great race that battle the Time Lords eons ago in the First Great War. Most recently a subspecies became apparent that derives from an independent planet, and have the ability to breath underwater.

Varga plants: Often known as Vaarga, these plants are covered in thorns and fur and are native to Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks’. Anyone who is pricked by the plant will have the urge to kill and in turn become a Varga plant themselves.

Vashta Nerada: This species is known as the piranhas of the air. These microscopic creatures fly in swarms and devour anything in their path. They hide in the dark and use the illusion of shadows to their advantage and stalk their prey.

Veil: This species have the ability to step into the body of other species. They induce trances to overwhelm their victims with just one touch of their tongue.

Venusian: This species, native to Venus have six arms and large feet. They are known for their advanced martial arts, and beautiful lullabies.

Vervoid: These artificial humanoids are created from plant life and are known for their great ability to speak in a variety of languages and their problem solving abilities.

Vespiform: These insectoids resemble wasps in their native form. They have the ability to transform into other species for the purpose of reproduction.

Vinvocci: These humanoids are very similar to humans apart from their appearance. They have high intelligence and enjoy civilised life. They naturally have green skin with spikes all over their body. They have a advanced technological understanding and have the ability to cloak their bodies to appear like another race.

Viperox: Large insectoids with resemble crickets in shape. They are naturally aggressive and are known for being very devious.

Visian: This race of invisible creatures come from the planet Mira. They are eight feet tall, very hostile and are only seen moving by their footprints in the sand.

Viyrans: This race of humanoid are known for being technologically advanced and their hunger for war.

Vondrax: This species are extremely old and are known to be one of the first sentient life forms in existence. They have the ability to time travel and shape shift organically.

Vortisaur: This species are closely related to the Pterosaurs. They live in the time vortex and will attack anything that crosses their path.

Water hag: A species of bio-organic beings that grow their young in men’s throats due to the high levels of testosterone present.

Waterhive: A race of beings that take over the bodies of those drowning.

Weeping Angels: A race of Aliens that will attack anything and everybody. If you look at a Weeping Angel they are harmless and appear as statues of Angels. When you are not looking at them they will attack and if they touch you they will send you through time (usually to the past) so you die of natural age before the initial time.

Werewolf: A traditional werewolf but originating from a far away galaxy. This creature follows the traditional werewolf rules and only turns at a full moon.

Wirrn: An insectoid race from the galaxy Andromeda that are larger than humans with dark green skin and a wasp like appearance. They are self containing and can recycle waste internally.

Xeraphin: An ancient species that migrated to earth and abandoned their humanoid bodies for a single bioplasmic intelligence.

Xyloks: A crystalline race that appear like a transparent rock. They grow and form over millions of years, but are made up on millions of minuscule living organisms.

Yends: A humanoid species that are gained the ability to shape shift after being subjected to radiation.

Zaralok: An alien shark that will eat and kill without reason.

Zarbi: A giant insectoid species that have low intelligence and are controlled by the power of the Animus.

Zocci: A race of small humanoids who are red and covered with spikes.

Zygon: A race of shape shifting humanoids who need to keep their subjects alive to shift into their form. They are enemies of the doctor and have desires to take over the universe.

I hope you have enjoyed my alien directory and I hope to update it after new species are identified through new episodes of Doctor Who related shows.

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