The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 8 Essay

Sarah is now on the phone with her friend all the time. She had come from the hostel and had just finished the exam.

Hearing Sarah’s friends came to his house. They were all quite surprised. She started teasing her by calling her aunty. She began to explain and speak ill of her.

She also scolded the friend who was having a relationship with Sarah, but before she came here, she had cooked Sarah so well that they are all jealous of you. They all wanted my uncles but I chose you. A lot of the world will try to take you away from this relationship but you have to be steadfast. After your marriage we will have a lot of fun going out, going shopping. There will be no restrictions.

Sarah scolded her friends for seducing him. A friend said angrily, “She is very fond of being called Aunty, so let her go. Let her go to her uncle.” Ask a friend to tell the truth if she is your mama’s match. If she liked it so much, Mama would have let him do it. She is also still young. She has thought something about what will happen to her after you leave. She also started explaining to Amy how Aunty agreed to this relationship. It was better to take it from her cousin Ali who was circling her like crazy. He was a well-rounded boy. He belonged to his family. Probably Jessica was the son of Aunt’s brother-in-law. I was in the washroom talking to my mother about marriage with Sarah. Her mother was reassuring her that I would talk to Jessica. But I don’t know how he said yes to Uncle Joseph. God give him wisdom. Amy said that if his destiny is written here then what can we do. I am happy for him.

After he left, Amy started asking Sarah about Ali.

David’s father called Jessica and said that after the death of David’s mother, now I entrust the responsibility of David’s marriage. You stop celebrating for me. Thank you. I’m doing it for her daughter. I’m also fond of grandchildren. Explain to this fool that when a young and virgin girl is happy to say yes, then why is he thinking for this old woman.

When Jessica wanted to say something, his father said in a hushed voice, “I don’t think I am his enemy.” Admittedly, I had made a mistake before, but he remained stubborn. We would let him lie in the corner of the house and he would marry a beautiful, well-educated girl. What in the world is Amy only a good girl and what is gone from the world? Up to four marriages are allowed in Islam. Then he takes another. In the grief of Amy, he told his youth that now I will not let him ruin his life, otherwise, I will leave this house.

David who was sitting in the other room was listening and his father also knew so he was speaking loudly so that David could hear.

David used to speak softly. When his sister went to explain to him, he started crying and said, “I have found Amy with great difficulty. I don’t want to lose her now.” Now, why are you making me a toy to fulfill your desire? I can’t ruin this girl’s life just because of a father’s wish. It is not necessary to have a son or a child. If she is destined, she will be born in Amy. She is still young.

The sister told the father that he was not obeying the instructions, so the father became silent on hearing this and at the same time, he made a bag and went to the hotel and stayed there. He doesn’t even pick up his family’s phone or meet anyone. The family had found out the address of the hotel from the employee who had left.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s friend tells him on the phone that my grandfather is trying to get you married, don’t back down now. My uncles want to marry someone of their age. They think that I will not marry a young virgin girl. Later she will regret it and look for a young man.

Sarah clarified that there is no such thing.

Her friend said, “Just start preparing for the wedding. Start liking your wedding dress. See what Grandpa has started celebrating now. Uncles love Grandpa very much. They will not be able to bear her in the hotel for long.” They eat home-made diet food. Even if they act like they are sick, the uncles will agree soon. Just keep calm.

Sarah spoke angrily to explain to Ali’s child that I would never marry him no matter how insane he became. Don’t know how he got my number. Sometimes he sends a message that I like you very much. I can’t live without you.

The friend replied you block it.

Sarah: he is just your cousin and David’s relative did not block it. Sometimes I give him a clear answer but still, he tries to explain the daily.

Her friend said yes she is a bit emotional.

Sarah asked if he had ever had an affair with another girl.

Her friend said, “Repent.” The mother was tired of seeing the larks.

Sarah wondered why he has followed me again.

Friend, hey, my dear, you are so cute, anyone can fall in love with you. Well, people in the world keep following the beautiful girl, no one follows the ugly. Anyway, don’t take the tension. Uncles are very upset. They will agree to the father soon, God willing.

David and his family rushed to the hospital as David’s father fell ill. As soon as David left, he gave his consent to his father.

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