The SEC Championship and NFL Super Bowl Are Coming

There Was a Time Not

too long ago when I, like other football fans, and I mean the “serious-minded” football fans, had to settle with whatever TV’s were being sold at local retail stores located in my hometown of Hamilton, Ala,, as well as the electronics store located in Florence, Ala., and upon arriving at these stores, I sometimes just told the salesperson that his price was a bit too high, he just smiled and did not offer to do anything good to help me. To me, that is just wrong. And I speak from the year o 1976.

But you can believe me or not, I had to suffer with used TV’s that a local clothier sold me with the scratched cabinet, sometimes-blurry picture, and just praying that my only few cable channels would come on just in time for my buddies and I could meet at one of our homes and watch the College Game of The Week or on Sunday’s NFL Game of The Week. In short, we all were “gluttons” when it came to watching football. Some of our wives did learn what to watch while other wives’ only thoughts were keeping themselves feminine and looking pretty—not taking one minute to see what “we” saw in football.

I know that I sound like a movie script, but time went by and I gave up on ever being able to not only own a quality television with quality workmanship that would entertain us “football freaks” for many years to come. My wife and I set out to find such a TV. We drove to Tupelo, Miss., that is in west of Alabama, and we spent most of a Saturday and failed to find any store that could fill my need for a quality, well-built TV that would last more than a few years before problems began to surface.

Then One Happy Day

we were driving after work to find a great place to eat. We found a great steak restaurant in our area and upon finding wonderful food, we ran into two people, a man and his wife, who got to talking to us about where we lived, what we did for a living, and other small talk. But when I mentioned that we were in the market for a great TV that was built so good that we could sit around with our friends and watch the TV from Amazon and I will tell anyone that the . . .

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