What Type of Music Is Best as a Sleep Aid Essay

Have you ever had a restless night, one of those where you toss and turn and can’t seem to get comfortable? Have you laid in bed, staring at your ceiling in the dark, just waiting to see if the warmth and stillness would help you to fall asleep in the first place?

Thousands of people experience difficulty getting the rest their bodies and minds desperately need. Some people turn to medicines, others to hypnosis, and some choose not to worry over sleep at all, furthering their own insomnia willingly.

Yet there are people out there, sleeping fitfully and without issue, thanks to the calming and soothing effects of music.

What Kinds of Music Will Help Me Sleep?

The whole point of a sleep aid is to help your mind and body relax. Many individuals suffering from insomnia find the reason they cannot fall asleep is that their mind is too active, or their body just cannot shift into a lull. Music is a wonderful way to help focus your attention and assist your body in relaxing, and the best part is: most of it is a subconscious reaction!

See, the problem with any sleep aid is that people try to turn to them as an active method for forcing the body to enter a rest cycle. What are you thinking?! The whole idea of stressing and worrying over how you’re going to get a proper amount of sleep is pretty counter-productive, don’t you think?

So, the question sits, what kind of music will help you fall asleep?

A good primary rule of thumb is, if there is singing involved, don’t use it! When we are spoken to, our minds remain active to absorb the information we are being presented, and it is natural to listen and formulate a response. Steer clear of anything involving vocals, unless you’re listening to Ben Stein read “War and Peace.”

Seriously, the primary goal in using music as a sleep aid is to find music which is soft, melodic, even airy. Classical music, depending on the selection, is a good place to turn for this. Thanks to studies and research from various doctors, another option is out there: brain-wave music!

Brain-wave music is intended to synchronize with your.. well, brain waves! This type of music is specifically designed to bring about a seriously deep sleep, within which you will experience a higher recovery than normal sleep gives.

All in all, you want to stick with a style of music that does any of three things:

  1. Matches the rhythm of a calmly beating heart.
  2. Appeals to and soothes you while you focus your breathing and let yourself drift in a semi-meditative state.
  3. Creates within you a sense of peace or security.

With these things in mind, if you experience long term sleep deprivation or symptoms beyond a few hours of lost sleep a week, please see a physician!

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