10 All-Time Rock Anthems

Heart of Midwest Beats With Syncopated Rhythm

I may be the single most qualified “particular individual” to judge the 10 all-time most anthemic rock songs of all time. Just some of my qualifications:

  • I’m geographically centered East of Chicago, West of Cleveland, South From Detroit, and North of Cincinnati. Heart of the Midwest, heart of rock and roll. My heart beats the syncopated rhythm of rock from my own chest, starting with two bass drum beats and a clap.
  • I’ve worked in factories where classic rock is ubiquitous, whether radio, internet, satellite, or digitally played, it’s nothing but classic rock, all the time.
  • I’ve traveled around in the region for work described above and a bit beyond. I’ve heard all the radio stations and what people like in the different regions. I’ve been to, NY, LA and Frisco a number of times too.
  • I lived overseas as a Foreign Exchange Student for a year in a German High School. All the songs on my list are ones I know I heard there in the 90’s, or later when I returned on business up to the present day.
  • I’m a musician and love Classic Rock. I’ve played it since the late 80’s when I started on guitar.
  • I’ve taken a midnight train going anywhere, in South Detroit, watching streetlights and people. I won’t stop believin’ (I know it sounds like a cat poster). And I’m holding on to that feelin’.
  • I watched the first 8 hours of MTV broadcast over and over. I even HAD it recorded on VHS- hello youtube!!!

Starting the Countdown. Number Ten: The Rock Anthem That Tells A Story

Is there a better anthem for the storied rock concert of legendary proportions? Is there another song as recognizably elegant after the first 2 seconds? How many centuries will pass before kids no longer pluck dem strings attempting the opening riff of “Smoke on the Water”? I think it’s a rite of passage for every teenage boy on day 1 of playing guitar. It’s best to do it in a music store on the most expensive model, with the biggest amp turned all the way up. The staff will shower you with praise, at your ability to learn the instrument so fast. It’s a great way to get a lot of love. Also, if you make a mistake, they won’t even notice, they’ll be so impressed by your awesome choice of song to play testing out that guitar you’re really likely to purchase just after you lay down an impromptu-virtuosic-improvised-screechy-feedback-laden, shredder guitar solo. If you see their fingers in their ears, it’s because they’re getting them cleaned out to hear your amazing solo even louder!

Anthem By Which To Get Fired Up

The anthem’s anthem for those who are ready to rock, and deserve respect from those who appreciate such a state of being. This song is dedicated to such people for the purpose of boosting their foresight in achieving a state of readiness through due diligence in preparation for the time to rock, such as just before an AC/DC concert. Dr. Johnny Fever recommended you satiate your appetite for rock. He also saw you have the fever, and gave you a prescription for the only thing that can cure that fever. More cowbell. But you can’t take that until you have begun to rock.

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