10 Guaranteed Ways to Know That The New Guy is a Bad Employee Essay

Hello to Truthful People

and when you get to know them, you will find that they are so well-balanced and well so nice that you want to invite them home for dinner. Aww, come on now. Haven’t you walked on “that”road before?

One Way to Know That a Good Hire

is not on the up and up is “that” one afternoon when you walk to the general manager’s office to ask his advice about the new project that has just been assigned to you and you catch (a) new employee and find him trying to steal (whatever he can) from the GMs desk.

First off, you are shocked that “those” people are still around. Secondly, you ask the guilty person what he doing going through the GMs office to which he laughs at you like a horse and tells you some lie that you know is a lie, but keep your mouth shut. And go about you business. You never tell the GM about this and then one day, a little piece of news hits you about the person who you caught stealing, and they did in fact, steal the GMs check book and took him for over $3500.00.

What if? Right now, that tune is all the song that you can sing. And we all mostly have sung “that” song about witnessing a new employee and catch them red-handed doing some off-hand and something that would get them into deep trouble . . .somehow, we just go on and promise to ourselves, NO MORE! You will not make this mistake ever again, but not long from that promise, you catch a person trying to steal your car. What now? That is about all you can do . . .if you don’t know that There are 10 Guaranteed Ways for You to Know if a Co-Worker is Bad.

10.) The trouble-making-employee gets called to the boss’ office about every day and it is not to solicit the boss about buying a dozen of his daughter’s doughnuts.

9.) Someone else, not you, catch this colorful person trying to find something valuable in the ladies’ Purse Area before they go to the ladies’ rest-room.

8.) The trouble-maker’s name is mentioned from the area police about (the troublemaker) being seen at someone’s bedroom window without an alibi.

7.) The trouble-maker serves six days for kicking someone’s pet dog.

6.) The trouble-maker is arrested for the charge of heisting money from a newsstand.

5.) The trouble-maker is asked to come to the boss’ office for using a fake name.

4.) The trouble-maker gets a stern warning from the boss who caught him taking food from the area cafeteria.

3.) Area cops are so used to arresting this trouble-maker that every witness asked if they seen him, they answer YES.

2.) The trouble-maker gets arrested for trying to do some shop-lifting while dressed like a woman.

1.) Stealing, no matter where or how, (is arrested by the cops) and the new hire now confesses to all of these crimes.

But at least the Bad Employee was Honest. You asked him, are you the “bad employee” whom everyone is talking about and he suddenly replies, yes.

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