4 Benefits of Having Remote Meetings Essay

Old-school thinkers might have you believe meeting face-to-face is much more efficient than having remote meetings. In this article, I’ll show you why it may not be the most efficient way.

I’ve used many tools to both host and join remote meetings. I’ve met people from other countries and states. Clients I’ve never met before still hire me.

Having a phone conversation will work just fine in many cases. Have a quick 10-minute conversation and go about your day.

What are the benefits of having remote meetings? Let’s see.

No Travel Time

One of the biggest benefits of having remote meetings is you won’t need travel time. Having a meeting at 1 pm? That’s fine. Prepare your workstation for the call and wait for 1 pm to roll around.

Do you wish to be productive? What better way than to cut down driving time to zero. Imagine that you have four participants, and three of them drive 30 minutes to the meeting spot.

If you’re all four working on a project together, that’s a total of three hours that could have been spent on the project.


Nowadays, we can use smartphones to join meetings.

Google Hangouts is a nice solution for meetings on-the-go. If you have a laptop, use Skype, Google Hangouts or Join.me.

Most meeting software nowadays allows you to share your screen with the other parties in the meeting. Did I say “parties”? Yes, and that’s because multiple people, in different locations, can join the meeting.

Additionally, participants can meet at their workstations. This means they have full access to their computer systems and resources within them.

Different Geographic Locations

With today’s technology, both wired and wireless, we have the unique opportunity to meet with people all around the world at our convenience. We can use virtually any smart device, including laptops and PCs, to connect with people.


Ability to Meet More People

Let’s face it. We have a limited amount of time to meet people face-to-face. For example, we need to factor in driving time both to and from meetings.

Let’s say you might have four people that need to attend a meeting, but the issue is each participant lives 30 minutes from each other.

In a remote meeting, that’s not an issue, but the face-to-face meeting may not work out easily with all four.

Another scenario is if you want to meet with people from other states. In that case, it’s straight unreasonable to have a face-to-face meeting.

Certain tools can be used for sharing screens, and you may even draw on the screen to send across to the other meeting participants.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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