15 Startup Tools You can Try in 2020

Thinking about the startup tools so that you can operate your business properly?The idea of launching a new business is always exciting and thrilling. However, what’s not so appealing and adventurous is when the unknown challenges encounter in the road to glory. Since we all know that there is no shortcut to achieving success, but we all do have the startup tools in the world that can help your startup succeed.

The startup tools are only designed to aid the startup founders and their employees to accomplish repetitive and tedious tasks more effectively. Well, there is no hard and fast rule that these tools are just for marketing or branding your business. These tools can act like team collaboration platform, text editors, proposed new social media management solutions, or a project and account management tool.


The first and foremost startup tool for the 2020 business is WordPress. This tool is free for startups that are quite interested in launching a customizable yet powerful website. With the help of this tool, you can easily showcase your products, and increase the presence of audiences digitally.

It has been said that if you want to operate your business in 2020 successfully, then it is pertinent for the business owners to optimize their digital strategy. And WordPress is here to provide you with the integrations with third-party applications, free website templates, and a content management strategy.

Be Focused

There is no denying the fact that the success of any startup depends upon the productivity level of the team members. If you are searching for a startup tool that will help you to find out the productivity level, Be Focused would be your best choice. This is a productivity application for the Apple platform that helps the users to add and manage their targeted goals.

This is not enough! This application will also allow the users to explore their data to a CSV file, set milestones, and track the worklist from other applications. Ultimately, the users can customize their work intervals, track their progress based on the customize period, week, or days as well as auto-start the next time.


Looking for new clients or hiring new talented members for your business on LinkedIn, Contact Out can help you to find them directly from the web browsers. Basically, it is an extension that lays the path to extract contact information from LinkedIn profiles easily.

This startup tool is also capable of getting public as well as personal information of any profile from GitHub and LinkedIn. In order to find out the right prospect for your company, you can save the profile and then send the email campaigns instantly.


When you are determined which website you would like to target for your content marketing strategy, then you can use this startup tool for your business. This application will help you(marketing team) to gather email addresses of the professional contacts you’d like to reach out to. With the free version of this application, you can filter your search based on organization, find patterns in emails to verify their legitimacy and makeup to 100 requests at a time.


For any startup’s marketing strategy, social media marketing is essential. The social media marketing helps the business owners to stay up to date with every new rival and promote their products. If you want to attract most of the online users for your websites, try Hootsuite.

This startup tool offers a free solution for the startups who are interested in building and managing social media pages and posts while optimizing their overall strategy. This tool also lets the agents use powerful reports and metrics to see which posts succeed and why.


The next startup tool that you can use for building up a successful business is HubSpot. This software is famous for being one of the best, yet free CRM software solutions for marketing, covering sales, businesses, and services.

If you are out of your budget, and still want to promote your business, this startup software would be your best choice. There are various features of HubSpot, which you can easily use like free live chat, assist marketers in acquiring leads, and aid customer service representatives in resolving tickets faster.


Eqvista aids business ventures to record and manage their company’s stocks. It is challenging for novice entrepreneurs to manage their cap table, company shares, valuations, and even more.

Therefore, this application has got the back of all the business owners. With the help of this tool, you can incorporate and manage your equity all in one place without involving in any tedious tasks.


Drafting a contract, mailing it, receiving a signature for a business requires a lot of effort and time. HelloSign streamlines this process with legally-binding-e-signatures. The free version of this tool offers The tool’s free one sender (“someone who uploads, signs and sends documents using HelloSign and/or requests signatures from others using HelloSign.”)


The next startup tool that can help you to have effortless face-to-face communication with your customers and clients is Zoom. With this application, you can host up to 100 participants, and have unlimited one-on-one meetings. In fact, you can also have an unlimited number of regular video-meetings. So, if you will use this tool, you can easily focus solely on the meetings instead of the technology.


Do you want to engage your team members in one integrated platform? HR is another area that poses challenges to new startups. Gusto helps the users by offering products and services in order to onboard, pay, insure, and engage their team in one integrated platform. In addition, to make the way so easy to run payroll through automated calculation and filing, Gusto also aids you with team surveys, expert HR advice, and payroll compliance.


Do you want to gather information about your customer’s experience? Do they like your products or services? Can you do something extraordinary to attract more customers towards your business? In 2020, in order to personalize your user experience, you need to communicate with the customers across multiple channels. So, you can use Freshchat to get feedback from your customers.

This tool offers a free version of its software that can alert users of messages, and provides a mobile app for messaging on the go. Apart from these benefits, Freshchat also offers social media integrations and a priority inbox for better message organization.


When your marketing teams have a unique and easy process to deem leads, the easier it is for them to get good leads through the pipeline. The better management you have your pipeline, the quicker and frequent sales you will have. So, Freshsales offers solutions to startups and small-sized businesses with powerful free versions to get good leads.

Content Creation (tie)- PicMonkey

Another connected startup tool that you should know for content creation is PicMonkey. This is a free online image editing tool that helps the users to have eyecatching and unique graphics for blog posts and social media.


There are very few things that Bitrix24 can’t do for your business. This startup tool offers help to various tasks like project management, communication task, CRM, contact center, and website solutions for startups. With the help of this tool, you can organize everything on an easy-to-use dashboard that prevents information overload for business owners who are just starting out.


When you start making your products online, it’s high time for you to focus on how your users are going to finalize the purchase. Therefore, Square makes this process a lot easier by offering businesses to sign up and even receive a free magstripe reader. With the help of this startup tool, business owners can optimize their POS system in order to differentiate between success and failure for the startups.

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