Star Wars’ Legacy Essay

Disney’s Galaxy

I hate that Disney owns Lucasfilm. It is nothing personal, against either company; they are both slowing down history. What I recall from Star Wars is the journey of a young man from Tattooine into the world.

Through it all, he watches a mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi fall to a shadow, a powerful force, which continues its quest to capture, kill, harm, or turn him. It starts his focus. This journey through the star systems, friends, prophecies, and mythology has a happy end. However, it is not over, for them. It is a little more complex for us.

In reality, Episodes One, Two, and Three start a story. It follows the rules, introduces Anakin Skywalker, and unfurls a new history. It actually continues this history. It all stops, though. Star Wars, The Clone Wars, the most recent animation, sets certain standards and illuminates Star Wars’ past. Again, it all stops. It has to end, now.

Star Wars, Rebels, can be good. It will unveil some fun nuggets of information. It will have great action. It will be fun and have a solid story. However, the main course will be Star War’s new films. It is the way.

It is not soon enough, and too far away. It has to be good, for everyone. It has to be strong enough to uphold a legacy. The hope is Star Wars, going forward, will be good, and fun. I do not want it to be epic.

I want a story that is fresh and tells the characters’ legacy, without going over the top. It does not have to be below quality. It just has to do true service to the tail end of what we all know and love.

Rising Starfighter

We wait. Come October 2014, there will be a program, Star Wars Rebels, which will present the first true taste of Star War’s new direction. There is a promise, of a blitzkrieg, of content that will suit our tastes, rest our minds, and possibly set the souls of fandom alive.

In the meantime, there are the sweet, fan films, like Versus, The Way to Shadow, previous content, like Genndy Tartakovsky’s and Star Wars, The Clone War’s, animations, and the previous films, books and comics. All of the content is unique and great. However, it is not enough.

What it does is ignite the taste for what is to come. It does not suit the taste of what you want now. What happens after Darth Vader’s death?

What happens after Palpatine’s extinction? Return of the Jedi ends or could have ended Star War’s story. The addition of episodes one, two, and three brings up new expectations.

The Start of A Saga

I remember Episode One’s release. The story revolves around the creation of Darth Vader, a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and peaceful galaxy that goes into turmoil, in the grasp of a true nemesis.

Before Episode One, I could see Darth Vader as this unstoppable force, saturated in this evil milk bath, in his youth. A child shows promise in the force; he turns to the force, but the dark side, and goes on to become a perverse Jedi bent on galactic conquest.

Anakin, with an overflow with power and confidence, can use this ability to bend the world to his knees. I could believe he uses the force against his opposition, in a similar way to Star Killer, from the Star Wars, The Force Unleashed, content.

If Anakin Skywalker takes on four powerful Jedi, in an epic battle, in his first turn to the dark side, so he can feel his power, it would be nice.

If in all his confidence, he discovers Palpatine, his true, old friend, over the years, is a master of the dark side, and bends Anakin to his will, and bidding with ease, it would be epic.

I believed the Palpatine would twist him, mentally and physically, to submit to the dark side and his colossal purpose. The Jedi intervene and beat back Darth Vader, and the Sith, but only provisionally.


Star Wars is over. What it has become is debatable. There is a planned future. This future has many sides to it, but in the end, fans are not getting what they want. Well, there is The Mandalorian. This is all my opinion.

What I have seen is meant to create a new fanbase. Older content is meant to satiate the old guard. However, there is hope for a new variety of content. A show for Dark Jedi versus Light meant to operate in the same way as the current CSI programs.

There is hope for more underground galaxy programs. It may be possible to create Star Wars comedies. The point is to make Star Wars for everyone. Let us hope Lucasfilm and Disney see this too.

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