A Playlist for the Fall Essay

Time to Mellow Out with These Tunes

We all think about the summer and getting out and enjoying time outside and relaxing to some tunes in between. What about the fall? Fall is a beautiful time of the year and here are some songs that get us in that frame of mind for the season.In the Fall the feeling isn’t as light and airy as the summer months, but there isn’t anything more beautiful than the leaves turning and feeling the first crispness in the air. These songs have a more serious feel to them than the summer playlist might, but they match the season perfectly.

“September” by Daughtry

This song was released in 2010 and it made it to number 36 on the Billboard Charts. Daughtry said it was about him and his brother growing up in a small town in North Carolina. Chris knew he had to leave town to fulfill his dreams. It is a bittersweet song that makes you feel the changing of the weather and the beautiful time of year that September can be.

“See You In September” by The Happenings.

This song was released in 1966 and made it to number 3 on the Billboard charts. It is a song where the guy has to be separated from his girlfriend, but he is looking forward to seeing her again in September. It is both a sad and hopeful song at the same time.

“Boys Of Summer” by Don Henley.

This song is released in 1984 and it made it to number 5 on the Billboard Charts. This song has a haunting melody and beat to it. According to Don Henley It is about growing older and questioning past choices. I think everyone has those kind of moments and that is why the song was so popular with the listener.

“California Dreamin'” by The Mamas & The Papas

This song is released in 1965 and it the appeal of California even more popular. The song made it to number 4 on the Billboard Charts. This song has some great harmonies and the lyrics and melody are unforgettable. Who wouldn’t want to trade the gray skies and cold weather of the rest of the country for those sunny skies and warm weather of California just for a little while?

“Forever Autumn” by Justin Heyward

This song is released in 1976 and it made it to number 47 on the Billboard Charts and Number 5 on the UK charts. It has a medieval sound to it with the pipes sound weaving through the song. The song is about the regret of a lost love and how autumn will be hard to take without his love. His life will be forever autumn without her. It was her favorite time of year but for him autumn will not bring the same joy.

“Autumn Almanac” by The Kinks

This song was released in 1967 it depicts the life of a British citizen who loves his life, his home and his routine. It has been said this is almost like it came out of book by Wordsworth with the English countryside and customs. It is a song that is very catchy and sweet.

“September” by Earth Wind and Fire.

This song was released in 1978 and it reached number 1 on the Billboard charts. “September” is a song that sounds as if was supposed to be a summer tune. The horns begin the song and the song just glides along happily to the end. You cannot hear this song and not be in a better mood. It is very uplifting. It is no surprise that it made it to number 1.

“September Morn” by Neil Diamond.

This song was on Neil Diamond’s album which was entitled “September Morn” in 1979. It is a song of rediscovery a love lost and a love found. September mornings will always be special because of this special love. It is a great gem by Mr. Diamond.

“Wake Me Up When September:” by Green Day.

This song was released in 2005 and it charted number 6 on Billboard. The song is about the loss of the singer’s father. It has a melancholy feel to it. The lyrics of the song have the person wanting to just hibernate awhile until the pain of his loss goes away.

“October” by U2.

You would never know that this serene song came from the rock band U2. It was put in their Best of 1980-1990 album. The piano stands out and creates the mood for this song. The title October fits the song beautifully.

“The Last Days of Sumer” by The Cure.

This song was released in 2000 and came from The Cure’s album entitled Blood Flowers. The song is a rather depressing with the singer having a bad time with some experience in his life and feeling despair at his future. The guitars and piano hold the song together and keep you listening hoping to hear a change of heart, but you won’t hear it at the end of this song. It is a great song to play when you are feeling sorry for yourself.

“Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole.

This song by Nat King Cole was done for the movie Autumn Leaves starring Joan Crawford back in 1956. The beginning of the song captures the mood immediately with the sound of strings creating the sound of leaves falling. Nat brings emotion to the song with his smooth sound. Nat has a love he has lost and can’t forget. Autumn has come and that reminds him of the love he lost during that time. It is a perfect song.

The songs for autumn playlist have a different feel to them than say a summer playlist. These tunes create a more mellow mood and a time for reflection. All of these songs are beautiful in their own ways, and they touch the listener with their emotion. If you are not familiar with some of the songs listed give them a try. They are worth a listen.

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