Best Movies From 2019 Essay

Godzilla: King of The Monsters

Godzilla 2 is a Hollywood fictional film directed by Micheal Dougherty. The production company of the film is Legendary Movies. It stars Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farminga, Kyle Chandler. The monsters in the movie are based on the characters created by Toho.

The movie is the sequel of Godzilla(2014). A family loses their boy when Godzilla fights the MUTO’s. The father (Mark) of the family decides to kill all the monsters in the world. The mother (Emma) thinks that if she unleashes all the monsters, they could restore a balance in the world. It proved wrong when she unleashes King Ghidora into the world. King Ghidora is an archenemy of Godzilla.

The fights between the monsters presented in the movie are epic. The visual effects are excellent. The Soundtrack Album by Gear McCreary is excellent. The BGM given to each of the monsters is awesome. Except for some negative points, the movie is great. This is the best Godzilla movie in the monster world to date.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is a fantasy mystery movie directed by Rob Letterman. The production company of the movie is Warner Bros pictures. Pokemon Detective Pikachu based on Detective Pikachu created by Creatures Inc. The main cast of the film is Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Katherine Newton, etc.

The story takes place in a Pokemon world, where every person is having fun with their Pokemon. Tim Goodman, son of Harry Goodman, loses his father in a car crash. Everyone thinks that Harry Goodman is dead. Then Harry’s Pokemon, Pikachu comes to Tim and says that Harry Goodman is still alive. Both Tim and Pikachu start investigating Harry Goodman. They find out the ultimate truth about him.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu has done a great performance. The movie is released with huge expectations from its fans. Even though the movie is not liked by the non-fans of Pokemon, the movie remained in the heart for the one who loves to watch Pokemon related movies or Manga or Anime, and I am one of them.


Aladdin is an American fantasy movie directed by Guy Ritchie. The production company of the movie is Walt Disney Pictures. The movie based on a famous novel called One Thousand And One Nights. An Animated movie of the same name released in 1992. It stars Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith.

The story goes like this:-

Aladdin is a street poor guy living in the streets of the Arabian city of Agra-bah with his pet Monkey. He falls in love with the princess of Agra-bah Jasmine, who came out of the Palace leaving her sheltered life beside. She started to explore the city. Jafar is looking for the opportunity to become the next Sultan of the city. He comes to know that Aladdin is in love with Princess Jasmine. Jafar suggests Aladdin if he wants to marry Jasmine, he has to go to a cave and find a magical lamp. Aladdin goes to the cave and discovers the lamp and rubs it. Then, out of the smoke comes a Genie who lives in it. The rest of the story revolves around Aladdin trying to impress Jasmine, trying to protect the city from Jafar and to free the Genie from his curse.

Aladdin became the ninth highest-grossing movie in the year 2019. It received many awards, including the Saturn Awards for best costume design, Teen Choice Awards for best movie, and many more.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is an American Horror movie released in 2019. It is written and directed by Mike Flanagan. Doctor Sleep is based on a novel of the same name written by Stephen King. The production company of the movie is Warner Bros. Pictures, which is produced by Trevor Macy and Jon Berg. It stars Ewan Mcgregor, Rebecca Ferguson, etc.

The story goes like this: –
When Danny Torrance was just a kid, he used to experience a psychic ability called The Shining. With this ability, he can see ghostly faces. In addition to that, he used to live in a haunted Overlook Hotel. He used to see the ghostly face of a rotting girl, who lives in room number 237, in his bathroom. Then a friendly ghost tells that, all the other ghosts feed on Danny’s Shining ability. Then comes the Psychic Vampire, which is led by Rose The Hat, who feeds on the people with the Shining ability and gain their lifespan. The friendly ghost teaches him how to lock all the ghosts in the imaginary boxes in his mind.

In the year 2011, Danny became an alcoholic to overcome his Shining ability. He also involves a one-night stand and steals money from his mother to buy alcohol. But he couldn’t overcome his Shining ability. So he began using his Shining ability in doing good things. He uses his Shining ability to comfort two dying patients, who called Danny with a nickname called “Doctor Sleep”.

The rest of the story revolves around how he manages his Shining ability, how he fights with Rose The Hat, and how he helps people using his ability.

Overall, the movie is excellent with a great story plot. The visual effects of the movie are awesome. Many people gave mixed reviews to the film. But those who like to watch supernatural horror films will love this movie.

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