Essay About The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 14

Doctor took his aunt to the emergency room.

Everyone was sitting anxiously in the waiting room. Ali was forcing Sarah to drink juice and eat cake with him because night had fallen.

David was sitting near Amy and consoling her, who was crying and saying I have no one in this world except my Aunt. I along with my daughter have got a lot of support from their tails.

David told her that I am your family, my grandfather and Jessica we are all yours. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your aunt, God willing. God willing, even if something happens, I will always take the responsibility of guarding you and Sarah, whether you agree to it or not. You will always be with us.

Amy looked at him with majestic eyes and said, “I wish I could stay with my daughter in her presence.” I can’t live in my daughter’s house.

David said, “Leave it. These are the later things. If you don’t eat and drink first and make yourself sick, then who will take care of your aunt?” Sarah and Ali, sitting in front of them, were astonished to hear their casual conversation.

Sarah was whispering to Ali that Mama is calling David, by his name and he is also calling her like this.

Ali said, “I am happy to see both of them sitting like this.” How good they both look It is a good fit. Just you take the edge off.

Sarah became silent. He began to remember his mother’s warning about how Mama had told him to think carefully for a few days and then make a decision. Do not rush. You may regret it later. But at that time he could not see anything, he was just excited that David’s relationship would not get out of hand. His big beautiful house was very dear to him. When she assured her mother in every way that she would never back down or regret it

Your decision will keep your honor lodge.

Amy then wanted to explain to him that lets at least think tonight and decide in the morning lest my honor be reduced to dust. Look at the weeping Amy, don’t humiliate and embarrass me. Think carefully.

Sarah enthusiastically grabbed Amy’s hand and said, “Mama, I will never change my mind if the world turns upside down. You trust me.”

Now she was upset to see David’s unkempt white random hair. Sarah said he was getting old now. She looked at Ali standing nearby who was young and handsome. Any girl could imagine herself lucky to be with him. She began to feel remorse in her heart and when she saw David, she began to think that she would do it with Mama. Everyone explained to me how much had happened. Mama also told me to think, but I did not understand. I can’t even think of hurting my sad mama anymore.

The doctor came out and told her that she is now conscious. There is nothing to worry about.

Amy thanked Allah Almighty and with the permission of doctor ran to her aunt.

Everyone came to room because Auntie was shifted to room.

Amy grabbed her aunt’s hand and started crying. Her aunt was comforting her and Sarah was also keeping her mother quiet. Aunt’s eldest son Green handed over the work to his brother and immediately came to the emergency room from the first floor.

Ali inquired about his aunt’s condition and said that he was going to the airport to pick up Brother Green.

The aunt was happy to hear of her son’s arrival.

Ali went to pick up Brother Green.

Sarah’s condition was also bad. She started crying. Ali came back as he was leaving and said to Amy, I am also taking Sarah. If she come out. It will be better.

David said yes take my daughter outside, it will be better for her. Amy also said ok.

Sarah looked at him in surprise at saying her daughter. Ali opened the front door and indicated for her to sit down. She said I would sit in the back.

“I have no interest in being a driver,” Ali said.

I stopped the car nearby and Jessica and David’s father got off.

Ali had given an update to Jessica about Amy’s aunt. He said, “Hurry up, it’s time for the flight to arrive.”

Ali complained to his mother that she was sitting somewhere in front of her.

Jessica said, “Sit in front of Moon. Well done, hurry up, you are lying down.”

She immediately sat down.

Ali smiled and started the car.

David’s father stared at Jessica.

Jessica ignored and walked on.

When they arrived in Rome, David insisted that Amy was feeding him juice and cake and she was just doing it.

Seeing David’s father, Amy got confused while eating and the cake got stuck in his throat.

David, without caring for everyone, forced her to drink juice and said anxiously, “Sit down.” She stood up to meet David’s father and Jessica.

Jessica also came to him and grabbed him by the arm and said, “Well done, sit back and relax.” Look, you have made your condition worse by crying.

Due to the closure of Amy, he barely greeted David’s father.

He pursed his lips in reply. He sat down seriously and said to his aunt, “Sister, you are fine.”

Aunty said softly, I’m fine, you bothered people.

Jessica did not speak. Auntie, you are our elder. We are now the same family.

David then went to Amy and spoke.

David’s father looked at him with horrible eyes but he ignored him and then spoke to Amy. He understood that you have to finish this juice and cake.

She became confused as Nana’s staring eyes were fixed on both of them.

Amy was not doing it but due to David’s insistence and fear of some Nana’s eyes, she started eating quickly.

When the nurse came to inject her aunt, she started approaching her aunt. Please take care of your aunt. I am taking Zara Amy out.

When Amy refused, David scolded him and said, “Let’s hurry.”

Jessica said, “Amy David is right. Come out and see what has happened to you.”

Amy was forced to walk.

As soon as they both came out, David’s father also came out from behind.

David realized that he was firing on his father. But he was happy with his tune and took Amy to the car park, unlocked the car, opened the front door, and motioned for him to sit down.

Amy was shocked and disturbed by David’s bullying behavior. David said in an almost crushed voice, “What happened to you all of a sudden? Why are you being so frank with me? We should stay away. The nature of our relationship is delicate.” My daughter…

David good to do all the things sitting in the car.

She was forced to sit down.

David sat in the car and started the car.

Amy asked her breathlessly, “Where are we going? And why are you making a spectacle of me? What will my daughter think?”

David said that we are going to the coffee house, drinking coffee will reduce your headache and we will openly clear everything.

Ali was returning from the car with Brother Green when David’s car stopped near him.

Amy looked down at Brother Green with David and he felt very embarrassed.

Brother Green went ahead and lovingly put his hand on his head and said how my good sister is.

Amy got some relief from their behavior.

He met David with great warmth. Nana was walking in front of him. David was sure that he was waiting for him. He went ahead and said to his father, “Daddy, what are you doing there?” He is the father. He went ahead and met him with respect. He met him without answering. Sarah was surprised to see his mother getting out of the car with David. She quietly followed her mother. Amy didn’t pay any attention to him. It looked like he was lost. Sarah also quietly followed him.

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