Comparing the Avengers and Game of Thrones (GOT) Essay

Woe be upon them! The hardcore followers being sucked dry of their billions of dollars to be entertained.

Having seen the Avenger’s movie franchise go from awesome to less than awesome and having binged on GOT after years of wondering why there are so many followers, both movie\TV franchises have had their moments of greatness but….

The Avengers Endgame movie, which earned $1.2 billion in just a few days worldwide and packed just about every theater with multiple showings, was a true ho-hum affair to me. The first 30 minutes was BORING with mostly non-sense dialogue and no action. Even after the boring part changed, it was still less than previous Avenger movies. It was yet another anal back in time story to stop the future from happening with a few of the Avengers being killed, will they never, ever return? LOL. The grand finale battle was also rather silly with all the super heroes of Marvel franchise coming to fight the “good fight”. Sorry, I just found it dumb but entertaining. Having the mix of super heroes no doubt appealed to millions, so I must be in the minority. One of the worst Marvel franchises remains Black Panthers, it was so boring to watch and the fantasy was beyond silly. So, when Captain America (whose franchise I never liked much) handed over his shield to the Blank Panthers it was lame. What exactly was its intent? Was it just to be “cute”? Why did Captain America need to hand over the shield? Geez, just die. And having Thor a drunk scag with a beer belly was funny but stupid. It did nothing for the movie. Was it to make him more “human”?

In the end, I only gave the movie 3 stars out of 5. It certainly not worth the hassle of finding a theater not sold out!

GOT is a far different beast. While fantasy, it is realistic fantasy not the comic book genre like Avengers. With eight seasons under its belt, it had proven over and over in being one of the best shows on TV, ever. In my case, I did not begin watching it until season 4. At first, I found it rather boring yet interesting. It was the interesting part that hooked me, so I binged from season 1 through 3 to catch up.

While there many good episodes in GOT, some of the best ever are now, in season 8, episode 3, with the epic 90 minute battle that leaves you gasping. It is one of television’s longest and most costly episode. It is also a dark episode since the battle occurs at night. It is ghastly in its graphics and blood. It is like Popeye being decimated by Brutus until the LAST few minutes when that infamous can of spinach arrives! Who and where it comes from is shocking and the “how” it happens stuns the viewer. When the Army of the Dead break into the last bastion of defenses, it looks grim for key characters and you wonder, OMG, what happens in the remaining episodes ending by mid-May?

Even after the shocking reversal of fate in the last few minutes, the episode truly captures the deadly silence of a battlefield full of injured and death. There is hardly any dialogue, just the sounds of silence, fire, smoke, and moaning. After a few minutes, the episode ends. It leaves you speechless after 90 minutes of mayhem and horrible sequences in battle. Classic.

So, the GOT, episode 3, season 8, far surpasses the silly Avengers Endgame movie in character development, viewer emotion, realism, and just about in every category.

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