Essay About Original Folk Music From Northwest Musician

Noah the Goat Song

Noah the Goat is about a smelly, old goat we had on the farm in the seventies. Noah was by far the most rank, naughty, and outsmarting goat we ever had on the farm. He did not like confinement in any way and we spent many a day trying to figure out new ways to keep him out of the surrounding cornfields owned by our landlord. He was only friendly to his nanny Rosabelle and his youngster Lily who was born on Easter morning.

Slide guitar played by Vinnie who’s Utube site “50StillRocks”. Acoustic guitar and vocals by SmartyPants196(girlpower aka)

It’s true that while we were having dinner with my in-laws : the goats had gotten up on their BMW and stripped the windshield wipers off the car. I was the only one who could see the scene but I never said one word.

Profile of the Musician girlpower

SmartyPants(girlpower) is an acoustic guitar player and vocal singer who first started playing in the seventies at a local supper club in Wisconsin; where she did cover music such as Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and a few originals.

After a 8-year hiatus, girlpower picked up her guitar again when she met an Oregon musician(Vinnie aka the Vinster) in Eugene who inspired her to play again. They formed a duet and played local venues and soon formed a band, Nevous Rex. The band went through many a bass player and drummer over the years. Yes, it’s true what they say about musicians being let’s say difficult to deal with. Finally, they established a group of core players which stayed stable for a few years. They made some live recordings and studio recordings

One of the band’s favorite places to play was at the Saturday Market stage which is probably the friendliest crowd in town. SmartyPants(girlpower) has one CD called Camas Swale with all original acoustic music. She is now working on another CD in collaboration with Vinnie the slide guitarist Their style as a band has been compared to Jefferson Airplane, but their versatility leaves them unclassifiable. They only play their original music so don’t expect copy tunes. SmartyPants new CD will cover the gamut of musical styles including rock, folk, and electronic. She sat in on a few of Vinnie’s gigs at Saturday Market the open air’ artist and food booth marketplace in Eugene, Oregon.

GIrlpower, with the help of Craig Miller of Riff Raff productions of Eugene helped produce the CD Camas Swale which contains a wide variety of folk, and folk-rock tunes many written by girlpower and some written with the Vinster. Some of the songs were from the band tunes that girlpower played acoustically. After you listen to the Noah the Goat you can listen to other tunes. But wait until I write hubs about them and they will tell you what inspired the song.

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