Exercising Faith Without Boundaries Essay

God wants us to note three things and they are:

1. HE LOVES YOU (Romans 5:8) but He hates the sin that holds us bound.



Everyday, we show faith and exercise faith in diverse ways without KNOWING that it is faith. A man gets up from his bed in the morning and does all the “normal” daily things without a thought that it could be his last – THAT IS FAITH.

A woman boards a bus, a boat, a plane without thinking twice about the safety of the means of transportation. She simply believes she will get to her destination – without considering the possibility that the driver or pilot may be drunk, depressed or downright suicidal – that’s faith.

Every single minute of everyday, we exercise faith. Something in us believes that the next level can be attained and we plan our lives accordingly. Even when things are rough and impossible situations come our way, we carry on in the belief that God will do it somehow.

However, when we now become conscious of what we do, we begin to put limitations and boundaries by believing there are people or principalities or powers who now have the capacity to harm us if we do not do certain (limiting) things.

Faith is the opposite of fear! Where faith exists, fear CANNOT show its face; it takes Faith to fight Fear (and vice versa). How then do we exercise this faith without boundaries CONSCIOUSLY?

1. Know that it is not the size of your faith that matters – but the size of your God. A little faith in a great God can make all the difference. Believe in God and in His ability to DO A NEW THING concerning you.

2. Believe in OTHERS (your “brother” or “sister”). There are things one CANNOT accomplish without friends/people. Even if a tree can make a forest (sometimes), no man is an island. It is either you are depending on someone, or someone is depending on you. Learn to look at your brother/sister/neighbour with the same eyes you would want others to look at you. Do you want to be believed and depended on? Then believe and depend on someone else too.

3. Believe in yourself. Even if a man has a cheque of $1 million but does not cash it, he will remain hungry. Faith is like a blank cheque already signed but must be filled and exercised in order to reap the benefits. It takes one who believes in himself to step towards the bank to cash the cheque.

4. Learn to say NO to half measures and mediocrity. If it is not up to the standard you believe is yours, do not settle for less or for compensation. Without being greedy and selfish, one can stand on one’s standard without giving room for mediocrity. Champions are not champions by allowing everything and everyone to influence their lives – they choose to deal with the things that help them to be champions.

5. Let your past mistakes and failures become a learning curve and stepping stones rather than a final bus stop. Consider Peter and Judas and learn from their stories. Peter betrayed Jesus Christ and repented of his sin. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ and (in remorse) decided to commit suicide.

6. Release the little you think you have to the ONE who can give you much more. There is a principle in Scripture: TO GET, YOU MUST GIVE; TO RECEIVE, YOU MUST RELEASE. Let us learn to release our “little faith” and all other things that are due for release. Stop hanging on to that dress or suit or shoe or bag when you need another. Learn to sow a knapsack and you will get a bag. I learnt a lot from relief rainfall. When the clouds are too heavy to go as high as they desire, they release some of the load they carry in form of rain.

7. Finally, learn to look beyond the situations and circumstances. There is a saying that the darkest hour comes before the dawn – it is true. Dawn will always come no matter how long the night lasts. Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING.

I love you all. God bless you real good.

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