Finding Nemo Analysis Essay

Finding Nemo Analysis

In the movie Finding Nemo there are characters that can be easily categorized as learning disabled. This means that the character can be diagnosed as an exceptional learner. Most exceptional learners are learning impaired and require special education programs to reach their full potential.

The first character that easily fits this “label” is Dory. Dory displays many symptoms of memory loss. Such symptoms are quickly forgetting things and being easily disoriented. In the movie she states that she forgets things almost instantly. This is a correct portrayal of the disease short term memory loss. Throughout the movie she realizes that she can remember things as long as she trains herself. For example, she thinks about something over and over until she remembers it. This is kind of like classical conditioning, doing something over and over to gain a certain result. Other characters help Dory to recall things that she hasn’t retained in her long term memory yet. This closely correlates with objectives two and four. The movie recognizes and can show a teaching method of rehearsal and repetition of certain aspects of education that a child needs to remember. It also shows the empathy that characters develop towards Dory and how smart she is when she correctly uses her memory. A great example of this is how other characters seem to adopt Dory as their new family member. When they are faced with challenges that would be easier without Dory they are empathetic and choose to teach her how to face the challenges with them, rather than leaving her behind. One character even turns a challenge into a game so that Dory won’t forget that something dangerous might happen.

Another character that can fit this category is Nemo. Nemo’s disability is physical more than mental. He can easily be mainstreamed into a classroom, but certain accommodations will have to be made for him. Nemo has a physical deformity of a “little fin,” which can be easily correlated with an arm amputee. Some accommodations that can be made are special desks, time out for therapy, and even alterations to physical activities that may be harmful to the child. In the movie there are characters that help Nemo to gain self confidence and also awareness of his abilities not his disabilities. His “teacher” helps him to reach his full potential through coaching and understanding. This closely relates to objectives two.

This movie sheds a light on all the different personalities that we love. One major quality is that it these personalities can easily fit into the education field as exceptional learners. I love this movie. I never thought twice about how many characters can fit into special education until I started writing this! The movie leaves you feeling that if you try hard enough you can do anything. It shows that you can push to help students and children to reach their full potential. My favorite theme of the movie is the empathy and compassion and patience given to each character of the movie from other characters. Another great thing that it teaches is multicultural education. Each personality gives a little of where they are from. In the end, this is an excellent movie to use a jumping point in a discussion of exceptional learners and their role in education as well as in society.

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