Tips to Get Rid of Writer's Block Essay

1. Listen to music to inspire writing ideas

If you have writer’s block, a great way to get inspired is to listen to music. Typically any music, especially if it involves some sort of emotion is a great way to get inspired. I like to listen to instrumental music to get my juices flowing.

Did a certain lyric invoke a certain emotion? Did a melody give you an idea for an epic fight scene? Write it down with that as your guideline.

Inspiration can come in many different forms. Sometimes it helps to carry around a tiny notebook to write ideas in when the moment strikes you.

2. Use freewriting to jumpstart your writing

A good practice that a lot of writers do is sit down for an intended amount of time (I usually do five minutes) and just write. Use whatever method of writing works well for you, whether it be pen and paper, quill and parchment, or a computer and keyboard. Write for however long you pre-determine and just let the words flow from your mind.

During this time, don’t worry about spelling errors and mistakes. This isn’t for anyone else to see except for you. Another important thing to note is do not stop writing until the time is up. If you don’t know what to write, just write down whatever it is your thinking about (even if it’s just a To Do list.)

If you can’t think of anything to write about during your free write, just write whatever is on your mind even if it’s just aimless thoughts in your head. Your mind could wander into the next great novel!

3. Read books or other works of writing to get inspired

When I get writer’s block, a good method I like to use is to read stories and articles other people have written. I feel like now would be a good time to mention, it is not okay to plagiarize anyone’s writing or ideas.

When I read writing other people have created, it puts my brain into writing mode and it helps me unlock the ideas that I already have. But sometimes, if a sentence inspires me, I create my own story around that sentence. Making sure I do not steal the original author’s idea or writing, I use a general sentence such as “She trembled with fear as she reached towards the door.” to think of stories such as, what if she isn’t afraid of what’s behind the door but what’s behind her, etc.

4. Use writing prompts to guide you out of writer’s block

One of my favorite methods to use to get out of writer’s block is to use a writing prompt to guide my next idea. I find my writing prompts on Pinterest or tumblr, but there are lots of different websites that generate prompts and ideas for the next part of your story.

I will typically start out my writing with a writing prompt and build a story around that but if I get stuck on a part or need to fluff up a section, I generate a new prompt to see where the prompt will take me.

I like using writing prompts because it encourages me to write in an area that I may not have thought to write in and it allows me to explore new writing options.

Writing prompts can push you to write in genres or styles that you didn’t think you could write in.

5. Give your mind a break to get rid of writer’s block

Sometimes, especially if you are already stressed out with other things, the best thing you can do to get rid of writer’s block is to step away from the writing and do something else. Step away for an hour to relax, get some stuff off your list done, go for a walk, whatever you need to do. The writing will be there when you get back and if you follow my tip to carry a small notebook with you, you can always write down ideas while you’re away to have an arsenal to come back to.

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