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As an undergraduate student who tried to make effort to assist my parents who were training me in the university, I began to search for how to make money and still concentrate in my study. When I searched through Google search engine, I got some results and one of them was writing in revenue sharing sites like Hubpages and Squido. As a non-American student, that was my first time of hearing about the sites. Finally I began to writes on both sites free of charge. What I observed was that Hubpages easily publish hubs (articles) than the Squiddo lens (articles on Squiddo website). One other thing I understood and like about hubpages was that they issue sub-domains to their uses but Squiddo does not do such.

My First Payout from Hubpages

After staying and writing on hubpages for about eight months, I received my first payout on 28th September, 2014. The amount paid to me on that month was $61.88 (sixty one dollars eighty-eight cents) and I was very happy as I was still having doubt on whether the site was for real or not. I must confirm that Hubpages pays and this they do through paypal account.

On the faithful day when I was to receive my first payout, I prayed serious that morning that nothing will hinder the management team of the site from paying the money to the linked paypal account I opened online. When it was few hours for 28th September to elapsed, I was thinking “will this people pay this money to me or not”?. I wanted to write to the team of the site concerning the situation but there was network failure.

What Happened After Two Hours

After two hours of the network failure, I decided to login into my account again and went to the “earnings section”. When I checked at the account balance, I found out that the payment had been made. So, I logged in to my Paypal account and behold there lies my $61.88. I was very happy to see that. I then transferred the money to the bank account I shared with PayPal.

When Hubpages Pays the Hubbers

On every 28th of every month, Hubpages pays the users the money they have accumulated from the site in as much that the hubber (writer on Hubpages) has reached fifty dollars ($50) which is the minimum payout for every month. The success behind accumulation of wealth on the site depends on the quantity of articles the writer has on the site, and that is where importance of skill acquisition comes to play. Hubpages can make you get “addicted” as you are forced to write more when you recall that the more you write the more you gain. Writing hubs with good research work can help you excel on the site.

How to start writing on Hubpages

  • First is to signup on Hubpages free of charge without paying any money. For any advert placed by advertisers, you are paid 60% of the revenue while Hubpages takes 40%.
  • Update your profile by adding your profile picture and then filling the necessary information demanded by the website. If you are not a non American, your tax information is not required, so keep on moving. Click on the tax information section the site will take you where to stop.
  • By hyperlinking. Hyperlinking is integrating some of your already written hubs links in other hubs. Example, if I made a statement with an article that says: there is importance of youth empowerment, the phrase “importance of youth empowerment” is hyperlinked. When writing using Microsoft word, this is done by highlighting and right clicking to choose “hyperlink…” and then add the web address or URL you want to link.

How to Get Articles (Hubs) Featured on Hubpages

A featured hub is an article that have been approved by Hubpages and then made available for people to read as it is found on the hubbers homepage. A featured hub is also submitted to search engines for internet users to come across them when they search for the articles that match the hub topic. Hence, how to get your articles featured are:

  • Writing at least 700 words for each topic
  • Having not less than three images on each hub
  • Publishing at least five hubs at the start where one is featured by Hubpages and the other four get featured after proper editing
  • By shearing your hubs on social media sites which then get views from people
  • Making sure that your hub is grammatically sound

How to Get Paid by Hubpages

To get paid by Hubpages, you need to do the following:

  • Get approval from Google Adsense, as you are paid through the advertisements that run on your sub-domain placed by both Google and Hubpages. You can read an article on How to get approval from Google Adsense by Uzochukwu Mike to know how to go about Adsense approval. You have to write at least 20 featured hubs before applying for Adsense approval (my recommendation).
  • Signing up for PayPal account. Hubpages pays through PayPal only. When you link your PayPal account with Hubpages, you get paid with it and you then transfer the money to your country’s bank account.

How to Succeed on Hubpages

  • By writing contents that you know that people will search for through search engines
  • By backing up your articles with well researched works, that is by proper referencing of other peoples work. You can check my hub on “corruption: causes and solutions” for sample.
  • By sharing your already featured hubs on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.
  • By targeting rich countries like United States, Canada, Australia and others. This can be done by creating account on Google Webmaster and then choose the country to target.
  • By constantly writing on hubpages to have large quantity of hubs

How an Author from non-PayPal Approved Country can write on Hubpages and get paid through PayPal

  • Create an email address if possible a Gmail account because it is more reliable than others
  • Signup on PayPal website and choose United States as your country during the Signup process irrespective of the country you reside. The payment system allows you to signup at any country, and choose any country you need irrespective of where you are living.
  • Signup at for Payoneer at Choose your country of resident and fill the correct address as the company will send a credit card to you through post. With that card, you will transfer the money in your PayPal account to your Payoneer account. The good thing is that the company will open a United States bank account for you and you will add the account in your PayPal account. With the master card issued to you by Payoneer, you can withdraw from any ATM machine in your location. I have been using this for long and it works very well.


It is believed that this article has convinced you on reasons to write on

Discussed are the important things to know about Hubpages. It includes how I received my first payout from Hubpages, when Hubpages pays the users, what it takes to write on Hubpages, how to start writing on Hubpages, how to get articles (hubs) featured on Hubpages, how to get paid by Hubpages, how to succeed on Hubpages, and how a non-paypal approved author can write on Hubpages and get paid through paypal.

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