The Sex Hubs

Actually The Sex Hubs is a little bit of a misnomer. True enough the subject rears its head ever so slightly in these hubs, though often the word does not. There are no hubs here with pornographic content, there is nothing that would make a maiden aunt blush.

The Sex Hubs is a list of HubPages written by myself about subjects I am familiar with. They make up just a small (but important) percentage of the total hubs written. I wrote them because I thought people may be interested. I was right, because these hubs are amongst the most visited of all the articles I have written. I wrote to inform, to educate, to instruct, to guide, and to voice an opinion. There was never an intention to shock or pollute.

I followed the guidelines. I am no pornographer nor do I have any wish to be. The articles, at their worst, are less offensive than those one would find in the average British newspaper. They don’t link to anything worse and do not contain any upsetting images.

And yet I do not earn a penny from any of these HubPages. The Sex Hubs are devoid of anything but a token non renumerative advertisement. I have tweaked the articles. Changed words and phrases and removed some. It has not made the slightest difference. It is also a little odd that some of my other Hubs like The Much Maligned Sex Tourist, The Night Butterflies of Bali and Bar Girls which are in the same genre (though equally inoffensive) are not included.

Perhaps what I find most annoying is that on some other HubPages, written by others, I have seen Google Adsense Ads for “The Only Free Porn Site” and “Women For Sex“. Naturally I did not click on these and would take offence should they appear on any of my Hubs. It does seem odd though that I can write sensitively on a subject and yet be, in effect, penalised.

It will be of interest to see if this hub itself will be garnished with adverts or remain naked as the day it was written.

If inclined please look through the Sex Hubs below….but please comment on this hub should you do so. I will be interested to learn others opinions as to exactly what it is that I have done wrong and how I may right it without losing the traffic I already enjoy.

PREVIOUSLY – As I mentioned above the hub Bar Girls had adverts. It no longer does. I made no changes to it. This suggests to me that after I pointed it out in the earlier part of this hub that someone took a look at it and decided on stopping the ads. I don’t think a computer filter programme would be retrospective unless I made a change…and I didn’t! The word ‘sex’ does not appear in the hub at all and the youtube video has stopped working for some reason. I cannot see anything offensive. Today, 19th June 2010 I am going to replace the video with a photograph and remove the few links to my other hubs and see what happens.

Monday 28th June 2010

Some sort of problem in my browser led me to access my HubPages in Google Chrome. Interesting! In statistics it stated that:

  • The World of the Kathoey and Ladyboy
  • Erotic, Exotic and Beautiful Photographs of Women
  • Sex For Sale

What? Only three? This cannot be correct because this hub ‘The Sex Hubs’ still has not had its ads return.

On checking I found that Bar Girls, Compensated Dating and Mistresses all had a single colour click on advert placed way down the page under suggested Tags. ‘Breakfast and Virginity’ had two adverts. Huge amounts of blank white space on these and the others where adverts would normally be. ‘Rent a Date….which on last check had been given ads was now, like the others, down to a single ad.

Many of the others have the little sign ‘ads by YieldBuild….but no ads. Could YieldBuild possibly be the censor?

I thought I would look at some other sex related hubs. Some, like this were devoid of adverts. One which discussed ‘multiple and squirting orgasm’ had 3 large click on colour adverts and two blue Google adverts. In fact without much effort I found half a dozen hubs that were far more sex related than any of my ‘Sex Hubs’ and all of those had adverts.

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