How To Make an Advent Wreath: Christmas Traditions, HubNuggets Style Essay

“Christmas is coming,” sighed ripplemaker, her face aglow as she gazed at the Christmas lights festooning trees up and down the lane in front of the HubNuggets Team ski lodge, and sparkling on freshly-fallen snow. “I LOVE Christmas.”

“So do I,” purred Enelle Lamb. “The decorations, the shopping – getting together with family and friends.

“…and the food,” said Simone Smith, rubbing her hands gleefully. “Don’t forget turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and scrumptious, Christmas goodies! Speaking of goodies…”

Simone hurried over to lend a hand as Maddie Ruud emerged from the kitchen, bearing a platter of freshly-baked gingerbread and a steaming pitcher of cocoa.

Jason Menayan and Patty Inglish, MS burst through the door in a flurry of snow and laughter, dragging a huge, freshly-cut evergreen tree. “Hang on, Elfie,” said Jason. “We’re almost there.”

With a final heave, he and Patty slid the snowy tree into the room. At its tippy-top, was a large snowball. The snowball sneezed and shook itself, sending freezing flakes everywhere. As the snow settled, the team laughed to see a bedraggled RedElf clinging to the top of the tree.

“Do I smell gingerbread?” she asked.

Pre-Christmas Fun…

A short time later, over mugs of fresh cocoa, the kitties watched as Jason set up the tree. Maddie and Simone emerged from the attic with stings of lights and boxes of hand-made, Christmas tree ornaments. As they carefully unwrapped each one, everyone exclaimed over their favorites.

“I remember the year we made these jeweled candy canes – it snowed three feet that night. We were afraid we’d be snowed in,” said Patty. “Look – the adorable stuffed snowflakes we embroidered two Christmases ago! …and here’s Jason’s Santa puppet.” They all laughed as Patty pulled the string and the Jolly Old Elf jumped and danced.

“What are we making this year?” asked Enelle. One of her favorite HubNuggets Team traditions was their annual “Decorations Night” when they gathered at the HubNuggets ski lodge for fun and fellowship. Everyone took turn-about organizing supplies and instructions to make a different tree ornament or Christmas decoration, while enjoying the great hubs in that week’s HubNuggets contest. “…and where are ladyjane1 and KoffeeKlatch Gals? It’s their turn this year.”

As if on cue the door swung open and this two missing team members arrived, laden down with bulging carry-sacks and evergreen boughs.

“Perfect!” cried ripplemaker, clapping her hands as lj and Gal laid the fresh-cut, fragrant boughs on the table, and announced, “We’re making Advent Wreaths this year.”

“Let’s take turns reading aloud the HubNuggets contest hubs while we work. Then we can vote for our favorites in each category,” Maddie said.

Which One of This Week’s Pets and Animals Nominees Is Your Favorite?

  • 19% 5 Common Myths About Raising Pigs

  • 12% How To Find The Right Cat For You

  • 5% Starting Your First Fish Tank

  • 14% The Reality of Animal Gas Chambers

  • 37% When Bees Are Most Likely To Sting: Honeybee Colonies and Their Moods

  • 14% Why Dogs are Better Than Humans

Supplies and Instructions…

The team tore into the bags and parcels, quickly revealing the colorful contents:

  • silky ribbons of all shades
  • pine cones
  • tiny ornaments (optional)
  • sweet and spicy scented candles of all shapes, and sizes, and colors
  • wire wreath forms
  • green floral tape
  • florists’ wire for attaching bows and ornaments
  • fire-proof candle holders

“First, we lay the boughs on the wreath forms, and fasten them with wires,” said ladyjane1. “Fasten the cut, bare end of the first bough securely, and wire the middle in place. Then lay the next bough over the cut end of the one before it, overlapping the boughs to cover the wire fastening.”

“Space the branches closely for a nice, full wreath,” she continued. “Make sure each bough is well-fastened, and continue attaching branches ’til your wreath base is full. To attach the last bough, lift up the feathery ends of the very first bough, and tuck the bare end of the last bough underneath. Then wire it in place as before.”

“Then we wrap a piece of wire through each pine cone and ornament so we can secure them to the wreath,” said Gal, demonstrating her technique.

ladyjane1 added, “I found a great video on tying fancy bows, but these ribbons are so lovely that plain bows would work beautifully, too.”

Patty selected a hub to read aloud from the next category while the rest of the team set to work.

Which One of This Week’s Holidays and Celebrations Nominees Is Your Favorite?

  • 5% Why I Hate The Holidays

  • 30% Funny and Creative Ideas for Hiding Your Elf on the Shelf

  • 32% How to be a great B&B host in Southern Tuscany.

  • 10% All Things Christmas – Origin of the Christmas Tree and Evergreen Arrangements

  • 15% Homemade Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  • 9% Hosting Overnight Holiday Guests

Why Do We Make Advent Wreaths?

Soon, each team member had created a lovely wreath complete with candle holders and glowing candles.

“These are so beautiful – each one is so different,” said Enelle. “Where did Advent wreaths originate?”

“..and why use four candles?” asked Simone.

“I can answer that,” said Patty. “I’ve been doing some research. Advent wreaths are a time-honored tradition in many countries. Some say the wreath’s symbolism predates Christianity, but many scholars believe Advent wreaths originated in Germany, in the early 1800s.”

“That’s right, Patty,” ladyjane1 said. “The four candles stand for Peace, Love, Hope, and Joy, and are lighted on the four Sundays preceding Christmas – the four Sundays of Advent. On the first Sunday, one candle is lighted, on the next, two, then three, and finally all four candles are lighted on the last Sunday before Christmas.”

“Some wreaths have a fifth candle that is lighted on Christmas Day,” Gal added.

“What wonderful wreaths,” said Maddie, admiring their handiwork. “I’m so happy we could be together and keep our tradition. Merry Christmas! Let’s have another round of cocoa and gingerbread while we finish up the last category.”

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