Introducing: Angevin Essay


Angevin is a very apathetic women, her emotions never so much as raising, more than a peek of interest. She is quiet and slightly manipulative from time to time, she keeps to herself as much as she possibly can. She lives with in a deep forest, which is all her legally owned land, where she buries her dead. Being as she a Undertaker for shady businessmen. She buries their body where no one else will be able to find them, along with whatever else they want.

Do to this fact she is worldly hunted down for information that she will never give out. Her life is always on the live, and lives for very little trust inside of her.

Sadly throughout or her younger years and even now she is finding it difficult to do so.

Angevin was a sickly child, it was said she wasn’t even suppose to have died. She was taken care around the clock by her older brother and mother and father. But once the family undertaking job starter taking more and more time. Her mother hired a butler, the man taking care of her and dotted her on her as a child. Was no other than death himself, when her fever was in it finale stages. Angevin older brother brother figuring out it was death, decided to make a deal with the madman. In turn for sparing Angevin life, it came at a prices. He ended the young boys life, and ripped the right eye from angevin socket. Burning the inside of her skull, Death reduced her household to only her father and the maid.

Still reeling from the pain, angevin could only watch as her father descended into madness and depression as the maid feed off the only money they had left. It was only until she approached her father, to try and force him into a better state of mind. Did she realize the maid wasn’t all that human, and slashed out at her. A few month past before Angevin was awoken by her mother decomposing body, standing over her bed holding a large axe. The only comfort she had was the fact her mother smiled and said her father would be joining her soon.

Angevin only remember the faint screams and wet hacking noises of what she can only guess whats her father body being chopped into bits. She saw her mother drag her limp father body from the house and to the garden where her mother coffin laid.

Angevin burned her home to the ground and was now an orphan. Angevin then spend a great deal of her life having misadventures, tortured and anger boil forth. As she clawed her way back, up to her family wealthy status, gathering only supernatural entities as friends and nonhuman garud of her own creation.

Angevin grew up in what was most commonly a poor environment, and a sorry excuse for a orphanage. As a child she was much more positive, her childlike innocent was at a all time high. She was willing to trust people more often, do to this second life she was given. During her stay at the orphanage is also where her first death happen.

This is also where she realize she could never die, but could feel and experience every bit of pain but none of the full ending. when she awoke, and made her way back to her home, she scared the living daylights out of the owner.

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