Mick and Zeke Say I Do

The Shadowmen lurk in the shadows…

Last time – Zeke’s days were numbered. Mick defied The Callings. And the mysterious shadows took on human form…

Mick interviewing one of the shadows. He says he’s thinking of the best way to hurt her the most. The one Mick’s interviewing seems to be the worst. His name is Jase and Mick is worried about him. Says the way he looks at her it’s like he can see inside her. Mick tells Jared she’s getting married. She thinks Jase knows something that can save Zeke. Jared says he’ll attend her wedding.

Ben made a wedding present for Mick of when she was dressing in her mom’s wedding gown. Ben suggests she wear their mother’s dress or veil. Mick says their father got rid of all her mother’s stuff when she died, so she can’t.

Zeke takes off his shirt and there’s a bunch of ice on his chest.

Saanvi tries to get reinstated to get back in her lab. She learns the government is behind getting her fired and shutting her down.

Mick tries one more time to get Zeke to take some treatments but he refuses.

Olive asks TJ to go skiing but he says no. He’s probably thinking of Corpse Groom Walking and how it could be him next.

Zeke goes up to see Cal. Cal’s bummed about Zeke dying. He says Cal is his best man.

Ben has a Calling where Flight 828 blows up all over again. Or is it another plane?

Mick thinks it has something to do with Zeke, but Ben says she’s reaching since Zeke wasn’t on the plane. Ben agrees to drive out to the airport where the flight exploded. Cal suggests there’s a way for Zeke to beat the death date.

Mick sees the drug dealers cookhouse has exploded. Now Mick thinks the Calling wanted the three to be in the cookhouse when it exploded. Jase says when he gets out he’ll be coming for Jared after he comes for Mick.

Ben at the airport. He flashes back to 828 exploding. He sees a passenger Ward Atwood. He says it’s his fault since he didn’t stop the plane from taking off. He’s also seeing the plane exploding. He says the vision never ends. He says he’s got to figure out what went wrong. Ben says he thinks they’re supposed to figure it out together.

Zeke’s mom says she’s not coming to the wedding because Zeke’s father will be there. He tells his mother he’s dying to get her to come. Zeke says this last year’s been a blessing making peace with his parents and marrying Mick.

Saanvi trying to find Vance. She leaves a coded message on the number Vance gave her to let him know she’s in trouble.

Saanvi goes to Ben for help. She tells him the government got her fired. Ben thinks it’s the Major. Saanvi thinks Vance has vanished. Ben knows where he is. Ben suggests Saanvi go see his wife. She’s a principal downtown. There goes the theory she was actually The Captain at the police department.

Ben takes what he has on the plane to Ward and he says there’s nothing different. Ward didn’t do anything wrong. Ben and Ward can’t figure out why he had vision of plane exploding. Ward says Ben helped him.

When Ben is leaving he gets a vision of the plane exploding, again, and sees something in a shop window that shocks him.

While being transported to prison with the other shadowmen the bus driver/druggie fakes a seizure and both guards are attacked. Jase and his gang escapes. Watch out, Mickster, he’s coming for you. He says he wants to get back what belongs to them.

Saanvi goes to Vance’s wife. She says her husband is dead. She says her husband is dead and Saanvi can find him at the cemetery. She orders her get off the school property.

Mick working on a thrift shop dress that reminds her of her mother’s wedding gown. Her father urges faith. Mick having doubts about going through with it.

Zeke getting dressed as his father watches. His father apologizes for not being there when he needed him. Zeke makes his father promise to be there for his mother.

TJ tells Olive he’s leaving to study in Egypt. He thinks he’ll find a clue about the death date there.

Jared comes and wishes Zeke well. Maybe Jared will get together with Mick’s partner, Drea.

Grace goes to see Mick and she says she wants to call it off. Ben arrives. He found their mother’s veil in the shop he was staring into. This convinces her to go through with it. Ben says it’s because of The Calling. When Jared sees her coming down the stairs he decides to leave. As he goes he doesn’t notice the three shadowmen sitting outside the Stone’s house.

Mick begins her walk down the aisle to Zeke. The vows begin. Mick imagines her mother is there. They’re pronounced husband and wife. She looks for Jared and he’s gone. Seriously, she expected him to watch that. Ben and Grace dancing with the baby.

Mick says she’s going to do everything she can to fight for Zeke.

TJ suggests Olive come with him to Egypt. TJ says he loves her. Olive says she can’t. She wants her baby sister to know her. She wants to spend all the time she can before the death date kills most of her family. He asks that she not give up on him.

Saanvi still wants to continue her research. She gets a text from Vance.

Everyone says their goodbyes to the bride and groom. Ben vows to follow the Callings to the ends of the earth to save Zeke. Zeke thanks Cal for saving his life. Cal says he needs him. The Stones watch as Mick and Zeke drive off.

Vance meets up with Saanvi. Vance said he had something to do out of the country. Vance says the Major is cutting loose ends. The Major has cracked Saanvi’s research. Saanvi refuses to go into hiding and says she’s going after The Major.

Ben sees the plane exploding again. Ben says he didn’t figure out what it meant.

Cal on the front lawn as the shadows approach him from behind. He doesn’t seem to notice. Jase calls Mick that if she doesn’t get him back his stash he’s going to kill Cal. And we all thought it would be The Major to snatch Cal.

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