Essay About: Please! Take That Poll and Make That Comment!

It’s Ok to Answer the Question and Give Your Opinion!

I love to know what people think and find it great that HubPages allows a poll question capsule, and comments. regardless of whether or not I agree with the comments, they are always welcome.

Likewise, I also answer those polls and often submit comments on other hubs.

Now, this isn’t to say, let alone demand, that people answer poll questions or submit comments, and it’s not saying that if I comment on someone else’s hub, that they have to comment on mine. Not at all.

I imagine many, if not most, hubbers want to see comments as well.

For me, I’m curious as to what people think and I find that reading other’s comments is very interesting, not only on my hubs but on other people’s as well.

Also, I often find good and interesting information from other people’s comments, such as good advice, real life experiences, what other places, cultures, jobs, etc are like, as well as experiences that often are similar to my own. Also, if I’m wrong about something, I actually want to know.

And, sometimes comments create a conversation among those that leave comments and the hub’s author, which is great, because ideas and information go back and forth.

So, if you have a comment, or feel the poll question is relevant to you, please, go ahead and answer the question, and go ahead and submit your comment. It’s always welcome!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment!

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