Top 3 Most Outrageous Outfits of 2010

Outrageous Costumes Spotted on Celebrities

We have seen many celebrities sporting outrageous costumes and dresses, but who all made it to the top 3 list of most outrageous dresses in the year 2010? Some of the contenders out there really have a non-conventional sense of dressing style which just cannot be ignored! These people are a cut above the rest and are often noticed for their wacky sense of style.

True, it is necessary for a celebrity to sport eye-catching outfits but some take it to the next level by donning eccentric clothing.

Presenting the top 3 most outrageous outfits. Enjoy!

Outrageous Outfits #1 – Lady Gaga Meat Dress

The inclusion of Lady Gaga’s name in the list of people who sported the most outrageous clothes in the year 2010 should come as no surprise to you. The celebrity was seen wearing a meat bikini on Vogues Hommes Japan last year. It created quite a hysteria but Lady Gaga did not stop then. She then went on to sport a raw meat dress for last year’s VMA.

Outrageous Outfits #2 – Nicki Minaj in a Barbed Wire Dress

The outrageous dress sported by Nicki Miraj for the American Music Awards was really hard to follow. It almost represented a skeletal system with the wires poking out from parts of the dress. An item of weird clothing indeed!

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