Why You Need Mom Friends and Where To Find Them Essay

Why You Need Mom Friends

You already have friends so why do you need more right? Maybe your friends are in a different stage in their life or are too busy. Their children may be older or younger or they don’t have children at all.

Motherhood is difficult sometimes. There are no set rules except of course feed them, clothe them and put a roof over their head.

Basically, your job is to keep them alive right?

Obviously, parenting is so much more than that.

You need to nurture your child. Guide them to make the right decisions in life. Teach them to treat others with respect and how to stand up for themselves.

These are the easy things. You also have to teach yourself how to stop their temper tantrum and what the word “No” means, what to do when their sick or worse bored. This is a huge learning experience and could be terrifying at times.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock

Parenting is hard and can be exhausting. We find ourselves wondering sometimes if we are doing it right. Is there an easier way and we just don’t know about it.

Enter “Mom” friends.

Benefits of Mom Friends

These women know what you’re going through, they have struggled, and they have felt as if they have failed at times.

  • They are the ones who will listen to you rant and understand.
  • They will offer suggestions and help boost your confidence.
  • They will share in yours and your child’s victories.
  • They will help keep your sanity when you are hanging by a thread.
  • They will agree that a “Moms night out” is truly deserved.
  • They will not judge. When you show up in two different shoes.

There are other benefits to these friendships as well.

  • For instance, you can take turns babysitting or driving the kids to school.
  • You can schedule a weekly play-date for the kids, so moms can rehash their week.
  • You can switch off so you can grocery shop without the kids.

This could also benefit your child.

  • If your child is shy around others, this could be a great way to help them to interact.
  • Teach them that building friendships are important.
  • Introduce them to new things.

Where do you find such friends well that is easy enough, you just have to introduce yourself.

Best Places To Meet New Mom Friends

1. Activities/Sports

Does your child participate in a sport or an activity? If not sign them up for one they are interested in.

This is a great place to connect with other moms while your child is enjoying themselves as well.

2. School

There are always opportunities to volunteer at the school whether they’re having a special event or the PTO is meeting, just get out there!

3. Playground/Park

If your child is not in school yet, the park or playground is a great chance to interact with other parents while the kids play.

Your child may actually do all the work here. They will usually find a child to start playing with and that itself is a conversation starter.

5. Birthday Party

If your child gets invited to a classmates birthday party.

Most kids parties are drop and go, nothing wrong with asking another mom to grab some coffee while the kids attend.

Your child maybe celebrating their birthday. In this case, you can always invite the parents to stay so everyone can get to know each other.

6. Social Media

There are a ton of mom groups all over Facebook that you can join. They ask questions and share their tips and advice with each other.

Although I have never participated in this way to interact, many friends have and they love it.

Put Yourself Out There

It’s challenging to make new friends no matter what stage of life your in, but it’s worth it.

I know your busy with your own family, work and life in general.

Start the conversation, make time and invest a little time. Having a solid group of friends or just one will be well worth the effort. It will help in making parenting a little less stressful.

Just remember it’s all worth it!

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